My Jamaican Food Crush

As I sit here eating Jamaican rice and cabbage for the second day in a row, I’m reminded of that old saying that food is the way to a man’s heart. I’ve been told before I’m practically a dude. Maybe it’s true, because I have a terrible food crush on this plate. And possibly on the guy who cooked it. I’m not sure. You know how the kidnapped fall in love with their abductors? It’s like I have some sort of food Stockholm syndrome. Now, I’m not much of a “foodie” in the typical sense of the word. I’m more of a habitual eater. I find things I like and then I just obsess over them. Seriously, I eat eggs just about every morning for breakfast. When The Tomato head had yogurt every weekend, that was my go to. Now they don’t and you all know the shenanigans I have to pull to get that stuff… if you don’t, I pretty much have to threaten them and tell them that I will make a naked calendar using only their food for props. Thus far it has gotten me yogurt every other month or so. I’m still in love with the Tomato Head even though they don’t have yogurt every week. They have other good stuff that I love almost as much.

So now, there’s this Caribbean place literally three blocks from my house.  You probably don’t know that I was Jamaican in a past life…. or at least I think so. My heart has always been Rasta. My iTunes is pretty much loaded down with reggae music. Maybe it’s just a heavy appreciation of both. Who knows. What I do know is that every Wednesday and Thursday, I can drive down the block, hear a little reggae music while listening to a super nice guy talk to me with his Jamaican accent while serving me some of the most delicious food I’ve ever put in my mouth. I’m not just being bias because he’s super adorable either. Maybe I am, maybe his face makes the food taste better. But if that’s the case, everyone must think he’s super adorable because so far it seems like everyone is also in love with the food. So like I said, I have a food crush. And I don’t foresee it going anywhere. And……because I’m so fucking green, I asked him if I could bring my own container because I’m not a fan of styrofoam and he said yes…..

Now, I can just swing around the corner, get my empty dish filled, look at the adorable dude who cooked it (while secretly wishing it was KyMani Marley) and go home and eat in the comfort of my home. 

 I forgot to mention the sauce…I like to get extra because it’s so good. I’m not even a fan of sauces usually, but this sauce is so yummy, I’m pretty sure I could drink it…..or at the very least, lick it off his naked body… 

They also do the food thing on Saturdays, so you should go grab some if you’re local and eat it while reading my terribly good bad advice column!! 

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