Holy September

Man, September got here fast!!!   I didn’t have any guest bloggers for this week so you all are stuck with me for today. But since Sundays are nice relaxing lazy days, I will just give you minimal words and maximum photos. My son had an art show Friday night. It was his first one. […]

Friday Hodgepodge

Happy Friday…. Welcome to the pre-game for the weekend… unless you have one of those really shitty jobs that requires you to work weekends. If that’s the case, I hope you love your job and that it’s not actually really shitty and I hope it pays you well. I will be working this weekend myself. […]

My Jamaican Food Crush

As I sit here eating Jamaican rice and cabbage for the second day in a row, I’m reminded of that old saying that food is the way to a man’s heart. I’ve been told before I’m practically a dude. Maybe it’s true, because I have a terrible food crush on this plate. And possibly on […]

Sal’s Pizza

Every Sunday, after my visit with Joe, as I am heading out of Nashville, I stop at Sal’s Pizza. It’s a little cozy pizza joint that I found one Sunday while heading back to Knoxville. You can order at the counter or dine in. All the tables have red and white checkered tablecloths that you […]

Almost Famous

Most of my weekend was pretty uneventful. No men. No sex. My usual “therapy” session with my friend Crystal who is trying to figure me out and “fix” me. No partying. No going out. Just lazy weekend stuff. I woke up Saturday at 5:20 am because my son, Mel, had gone to an all night […]

An App a Day

I had a job interview today. It’s been a while since I had a real interview. The interview I had for the job I currently have basically consisted of walking into the office and telling the manager what size shirt I needed. There was no interview at all. Just a basic, “when can you start, […]

The Yogurt Diaries

If you aren’t from Knoxville or if you have never had the pleasure of visiting Market Square and The Tomato Head, you might be missing out on the eighth wonder of the world. The Tomato Head has a plethora of goodness on the menu and it just so happens  that they also make the best yogurt on […]