Friday Hodgepodge

Happy Friday….

Welcome to the pre-game for the weekend… unless you have one of those really shitty jobs that requires you to work weekends. If that’s the case, I hope you love your job and that it’s not actually really shitty and I hope it pays you well. I will be working this weekend myself. I am trying to get this book finished that I’ve been working on for what seems like FOREVER. And I’m trying to find some more work. Not like a “real job” as my sister would call it, but some more writing work. I really am my best self when I’m writing. There is really something to that whole, doing what you love, thing. So I’ve constructed a resume that is going to hopefully function as enough of a spark to get the attention of someone who is able to offer me work and put more money in my pocket. This is me putting my intention out into the universe in writing, not just in thought. So if any of my friends know of any person or place that needs something written, like an article or a blog for travel or real estate or family or parenting or sex or whatever, just point them in my direction. Also, if you would like anything personal written like a love letter, a break up letter, a “sorry I cheated” letter, a poem for your anniversary, etc. I am currently pimping myself out for those things as well. I accept cash and PayPal. So let’s just get started on all that, could we, please?

Like I said, Friday…. woohoo. It’s first Friday here in Knoxville. I don’t know if other cities do the first Friday thing, but the first Friday of every month, the city pretty much decides it’s going to hang out with the cool kids and every single damn venue in town has something going on. You can pretty much start at 6pm and work your way to 3am or later and still not catch all that there is going on. This first Friday, my kid, my oldest son, Bradley, is having his first art show. His “real job” is tattoo artist. His heart job is painter, graffiti artist, drawing, etc. He’s artsy. I always say I don’t know where he gets it from, but secretly, I like to give myself all the credit. I paint things with words, he paints things with spray paint. Surely those trees were planted next to each other. So I’m super excited to go to his show and I can’t wait to see the turnout. He’s worked really hard and has produced some really amazing pieces. So if you are around campus tonight, I’ll be at the Yacht Club on 17th Street at that show…. and then who knows afterwards.

Still looking for questions for ASK ROULETTE This is all anonymous. You could ask me why I haven’t gone to fuck myself yet and I won’t know it’s you. Save yourself the trouble of that question. The answer is because I respect myself too much. But enough of that rubbish. Just ask me some damn questions already.

I am also still looking for guest bloggers for Sunday. If you’ve already done it and want to do it again, that’s cool. If you haven’t done it, but are thinking about it, just let me know.

Other random questions that I’ve gotten on Ask Roulette that were personal and don’t necessarily need to show up there on Saturday are going to be answered now:

Q: What is the Movie that Influenced your life the most?
A: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back- I love it. I let my kids watch it when they were way too young and that is probably why we are all just “foul mouthed little fucks.”

Q: Why didn’t you finish your damn music video of the Justin Timberlake song? I was on the lookout for that to come up.
A: I’m pretty sure this one was from Samantha. She recorded all my “snippets” for the music video I was making. The quality was ok, but I don’t think we were able to get the song and my lips synced. We can try again. Or maybe we wont.

Q: How is Joe?
A: Your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t been to Nashville in a couple of months. My car had issues. I had issues. It just hasn’t happened. I need to try to get there, but I’m sure nothing has changed as far as his condition goes and he’s still alive, otherwise they would have called me. His one year anniversary of his accident passed on August 6. My heart is till broken and may never heal fully.

Q: What is your favorite sexual encounter?
A: You people and my sex life. Not sure I understand this question. My favorite sexual encounter ever???? If I’m being honest, I’ve probably had too many to remember my favorite. But my favorite this year has been little birdy, with night owl coming in a close second, and both of my Florida flings….  Basically, those are my favorites this quarter. I dare not go back further. If I got that question wrong and encounter actually meant position, then the answer would be all of them are my favorites.

Q: How do you handle difficult times without someone to lean on?
A: I handle difficult times often without someone to lean on. One of the coping mechanisms I like to use is denial. It’s probably not healthy, but I feel like if I smile and just keep saying that “I’m fine,” “I’m good,” “I’m great,” “No, you didn’t break my heart,” “No, you didn’t hurt my feelings,” “sure, we are good,” then all of those things eventually become true in my head first and then in my real life. The power of thought is amazing. And when that doesn’t work, I ugly cry, borderline, have a panic attack, usually in my car, by the river, and I talk to God and wait for her to answer.

So that pretty much sums up Friday. Oh, lastly, I’m thinking a lot about videos. Of course, the BJ video is “coming” next week. Get it, coming? Ha. I’m so funny. But I’m also going to try to do more random videos that may or may not be connected to my blog and more live videos. What better way to get over your fear of public speaking than going live in front of potentially millions of people, right? So there will be poetry, and random thoughts, and probably a whole series of the dating videos like the one I posted earlier today, but without the filters as my daughter has negative associations with that “chipmunk” voice. Not sure what I did to traumatize her, but I will totally take the blame on that one. So stay tuned, send suggestions, send questions. I might do Ask Roulette live on Satrday mornings. I’m open to any ideas you may have.

Enjoy your Friday… I’ll see you tomorrow for some ridiculously good, bad advice….



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