Ask Roulette

Welcome to Ask Roulette. A different kind of advice column. All questions can be submitted via the Facebook page or Here!! Ask away….

This is for entertainment purposes only. All advice received should be recognized as unprofessional advice fro a professional smart-ass.

Also, sex questions pretty much make it to the top. Would you expect anything less?

Dear Roulette,

I’m a femme lesbian. How do I approach other femme lesbians or, even worse, accidentally approach a straight girl, when I’m not sure?

Lipstick Lesbian

Dear Lipstick,

Welcome to the world of being straight! You either have to bite the bullet and put yourself out there risking the rejection or you have to let the opportunity pass you by. It’s a common plight of straight women everywhere. Do we talk first? Are we smiling too big? Are we showing too much interest? There is truly only one way to find out and that is to just take the plunge!


Dear Roulette,

I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago. I have kids that I brought with me. He doesn’t have any kids. He wants to pay all the bills, but I don’t want him to. I want to contribute and help with things. He makes enough money to do it, but I just feel bad letting him take care of us. What would you do?

Independent Woman

Dear Independent,

If your guy wants to take care of you, let him. Sometimes men want to feel needed. If he has the means to take care of the family, let him. He is showing you that he is capable of taking care of you and the kids. He is showing you that he will be a good husband and a good father. Let him. If he needs your help, he will ask for it, most likely. And ladies, while we are on the subject, we don’t have to be so independent all the time. If a man is opening the door for you, let him, smile, say thank you. If he asks you on a date, let him pay (unless he asks to split the check and then re-think the second date, if you asked him, it’s ok to pay or go dutch- that’s my opinion). It’s ok to be independent, but there is such a thing as being too independent. Men spoil women to show their affection. When we turn them down and assert our independence, we are essentially rejecting them.


Dear Roulette,

When will my financial breakthrough happen?


Dear Waiting,

I am a firm believer in manifesting your destiny. I believe your financial breakthrough will happen when you believe it’s time. I repeat a mantra every morning. “Money comes to me frequently and easily.” I think I saw it on The Secret. But I repeat it every day faithfully. What you focus on, you get. Positive and negative. Your time is now.



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