Holy September

Man, September got here fast!!!   I didn’t have any guest bloggers for this week so you all are stuck with me for today. But since Sundays are nice relaxing lazy days, I will just give you minimal words and maximum photos. My son had an art show Friday night. It was his first one. He usually does tattoos, but there is a “thing” here in Knoxville called First Friday, where lots of artsy stuff goes on the first Friday of each month and everybody and their momma gets out on the town and finds something to do. I love First Friday. Then again, I love Knoxville, in general so I tend to always find stuff to do.

Anyway, my son has been using spray paint to make art recently. So he put together, what I consider, a huge show. To him, it was small, but, to me, it looked like he had a hundred paintings. Though I’m sure he didn’t. I’ve taken some pictures of them. As you are looking, keep in mind that all of these paintings are for sale and they are all one of a kind originals, so if something strikes your fancy, you can get in touch with the artist himself on Instagram if you want. His handle is b3atnik_13 or you can just go there and follow him if you are into art or tattoos.


Crystals…it’s a real thing

Rick and Morty Likeness

I’m not sure what this is based on, but I think it’s super cool.

This is a four canvas set

He’s got a thing for the all seeing eye, if you can’t tell.

More eyeballs

I thought this was the pink panther. He said it wasn’t

Skeleton… and Mick Jagger? Just kidding…

More eyeballs….

Purple Rose… this one sold, I believe

A cluster of art….

Another cluster of art…..
See… I’m not just saying they are super cool because he’s my kid. They are super cool. He’s been doing graffiti art for a while. When he was in middle school, they took his doodle book away and gave it to the police because they thought he was a “tagger.” Turns out he is just an artist. Speaking of taggers, I got tagged last night by a ghost. Not a real ghost, but a legend in the graffiti/tagging world. You can go to my Instagram if you want to see it…. it’s rouletteweekend on IG…. the tag was on my inner thigh. And the ghost was so nice…. I’m sure I’ll never see him again and wouldn’t recognize him if I did due to the large quantities of alcohol consumed, but it was cool too. Anyway, hope you enjoy your Sunday… If you are feeling particularly drawn to any of the pieces above, let me know or message my kid on his IG….

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