The Best Sex I’ve Ever Written

After all the griping yesterday about a “real job,” I woke up this morning to a job offer in my inbox. A writing job. Something I don’t have to leave the house for. See how things work out? *high five* I still had to apply for it, because it’s through this weird remote writing site, and they send you an invite if they are interested. And then tonight… I had a second one in my inbox.

Patience is key, I guess. And positive thinking.

As I mentioned yesterday (I think it was yesterday), I’ve been working on this book. It’s fiction. It’s erotica. It’s a love kind of story.

I’m sure all writers get attached to their stories and to their characters, but I am super duper attached to these people.

Have you ever read a really good book and every time you put it down, all you can do is wonder what’s about to happen?

I’m the same way with this book. Except, I’m reading it as I write it. And it’s like an odd kind of out of body experience. No matter how hard I try to plan, I usually can’t and then when something happens that is surprising, I’m just as surprised as the regular reader.

Or sometimes, I’ll have it in my head what I think is going to happen and then when I sit down to write and things don’t go that way, I’m like, “whoa… I did not see that coming.”

Maybe I’m possessed by an alien when I sit down at the computer. Who knows.

What I do know, though, is that I feel pretty confident that this may be the best thing I have ever written. I know that practice makes perfect and five years from now I will be writing something that is, at that time, the best thing I have ever written, but for now, I really think this is it.

So I’m excited. And I’m happy to do it when I wake up.

I gave myself a deadline to be finished with the first draft of the book by the end of September. Did I mention I have a publisher interested in it? So I had all this pressure on myself to get it finished and I swear, the pressure gave me writer’s block. I was doing really good until I had a deadline. Even though it was self imposed. Maybe because it was self imposed. I’m usually really good at deadlines.

I really want to tell you what the book is about, but since it’s not finished yet, I wouldn’t be able to tell you, plus if I told you, then you’d have no reason to go read it when it came out, except that it’s pretty likely to have bad ass cover and the sex is way more graphic than anything I’ve ever posted on a blog.

But I will have a pre-release something for those of you who really like to read.

I have a feeling, it will be a small series. I know I haven’t finished the other series I started, and I’m not going to make excuses.

I will say, though, that I want to re-do the first four or five chapters of the first book, not this one, because I’m not in love with them and I think I could do better. Hopefully that doesn’t end up in me re-writing the whole book, but I don’t think it will because there are some parts of it that I love and find really charming and delightful (if I do say so myself), but there are other parts of it that I think I could live without.

So I’m going to do a re-write and a new cover and a re-release and then I’m going to get working on the other two books (Yes, finally, Paula). I’m also working on helping two other people get their books written. And when I say I’m working on, I mean that I really want to write these two books, but they haven’t actually agreed to anything yet, but it’s cool because I’m pretty swamped right now anyway, but as soon as they do, I’m jumping on it and if they don’t then I guess I will work on the poetry book I have sitting in my head.

My point is, I’m going to be writing. There will still be no “real jobs.” If I have to marry some old, fat, toothless, rich dude with wrinkly balls and  one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel to make sure my bills get paid, so be it. But I’m pretty sure I won’t have to do that. In my mind, I’ve already finished my book and sold it. In my mind, I already have the money to pay my bills. My landlord will laugh hysterically if she reads this. I’ll probably get a text that says something like, “When are you going to send me some of that money that you’ve got in your mind?” (The answer is tomorrow…. I hope).

So I’m just gonna keep on keeping on. And I appreciate all of you who come back day after day to read all my bull and comment and share and relate. You guys are the best.

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