Ask Roulette

Yes, this is an extra blog, but since it is less of a blog and more of an apology letter, I think I can double up. Plus my last blog posted about three hours early so I’m all fucked up now anyway. 

I was scrolling through my email tonight (5seconds ago really) and I found a ton of Ask Roulette questions that had gotten lost in the shuffle. So I would like to say for starters that I apologize for not checking my email more closely. It was a complete asshole move on my part. And second, thank you all for submitting your questions. I am going to get to all of them this week and we will have an Ask Roulette marathon Saturday and Sunday. So if you asked a question that has not been answered (especially about the Christmas lights), I am on it!! Again, apologies for not being more observant. It will not happen again. 

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