Social Dilemma

I’ve been trying to figure out this social media for business stuff. Not that I really have a business, but I do have a fan page on Facebook. And it always strikes me as kind of ridiculous. A.)Because I don’t have fans. I don’t even really want fans. I just want people who read my stuff and think, “Man, I’d like to have coffee with her or vodka.” and B.) I don’t know how to keep up a fan page. I’m very active on my personal facebook. And I do realize that you can only have 5000 people on your personal page and that is why the fan page is so good because you can have like 5 million people there. But I don’t really know what to post where. Sometimes I post something and I think, “damn, I should have put that on my other page.” But by then, it’s already too late and I don’t want to double post because I have people from my personal page on my “business” page and I don’t want to be annoying and post the same shit all day. I used to do it with this blog daily. I would post it automatically from here to my RouletteWeekend Facebook page and then I would share it to my personal page. I recently stopped sharing daily and I only share a couple times a week. My readership has only gone down slightly. Which is fine. I don’t pay too much attention to the number of readers anyway, because this site isn’t monetized so it doesn’t matter if one person or a million people read it. I’m not making money off it. I just write because it makes me happy.

And I write with the hope that at least one person a day can relate to me. I would like someone to read it and say, “I feel the same damn way.” Because really, that’s what life should be about. You should be able to look around you and feel like you aren’t alone. That there is someone in the world in the same boat as you, even if it is only fleeting. So that’s really what this blog is. It’s my replacement for therapy and my way of connecting to people. Because I’m halfway reclusive. I do love to get out and be around people, but I also love not doing those things. It’s like a balancing act on a glass tightrope.

The reason I’m stressing about the Facebook thing is that I’m getting ready to shop this book around that I just finished. Actually, I decided I’m going to do a couple more light edits to it. It won’t take away from the integrity of the book. It should add to it. Or at least that’s the goal. And I just want to have a place for people who have read the book to come and discuss it and a place where I can interact with them. I’m probably getting ahead of myself. But I don’t want to delete the “business” page and then all of a sudden I have more than 5,000 friends and I have to start over and make a new page.

I worry too much. I guess it’s really just as simple as that. So maybe I will just stop worrying about stuff that doesn’t actually matter at all and get back to the task at hand, which is sending this book to a couple literary agents to see if they would like to snatch me up before I go with a small independent publisher.

Honestly, I don’t even know how any of this works. I just know that I have something special on my hands and I just want to get it into as many of your hands as possible.

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