Christmas Spirit

Is it just me or is it starting to feel like Christmas early this year? It seems like I remember last year that all the way up until Christmas Eve people were dreading Christmas. They waited until the last possible minute to put the tree up and as soon as it was over, Christmas trees were unraveled and put away or thrown out to the curb. And those who did wait until New Year’s Day to do it did so out of a traditional or superstitious obligation. Or maybe all of that was just me? I’m not really sure, but I feel merrier this year already. Not that I’m ready for Christmas. I haven’t even started shopping, but that has more to do with not feeling the obligation to go overboard with presents to show people they mean something to me. I like to think that those who mean something to me are shown throughout the year that I love them and that a gift for Christmas or lack of one doesn’t prove or negate the whole year. But everyone is different.

Although I haven’t put my tree up yet, I have been entrenched in Hallmark Christmas movies. I’m calling part of it research because Hallmark is accepting book manuscripts right now, so I thought after I get finished with the second part of my smut series, I would try my hand at super cheezy love stories that may or may not include cheezy Christmas¬†storylines. Because although I claim to be cold and dead on the inside, I wouldn’t turn down a Hallmark Christmas love story in my own life. But I think I’m more likely to win the lottery than I am to find “that guy,” which is cool because with my millions I could recreate any Hallmark love story I wanted and pay some guy to love me. Totally kidding. I wouldn’t actually do that. I’d be more likely to grab 50 of my closest friends and go on a cruise. Which actually sounds way more lovely than cold snowy romance anyway.

I completely forgot what my point is. I guess I just want to say Merry Christmas if you’re in that kind of mood and celebrate that kind of thing. And I also want to say that not everyone believes and celebrates like you do, so cut those people some slack who are all bah humbugging (to you) this year. They have their reasons. Accept that Christmas is not their thing and love them anyway. Accepting people’s differences is the greatest part of being human. So accept more.

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