My Shortest Blog

I said I was going to write something on the blog every day this year. So I wanted to make sure I wrote something, but today is a little lacking for me. I’ve been in this creative zone for work and it’s completely sapping all of my other creative energies. Between that and the cold weather, I’m pretty stagnant right now. And bogged down with other things I should be writing that are not this blog. I’m not gonna lie. It’s making me a little sad. And moody. But such is life.

I asked for a job that would pay me to write. And I got it. And then just like all the other non-writing jobs, it’s taking me away from my own writing. I’m not sure if it’s the job or the season. Or maybe it’s my inability to manage my time effectively. But it’s kind of difficult to manage creativity. I guess I’ll meditate on it.

I’ve been meditating on everything else this year. For about two hours a day actually. I think it’s helping with my seasonal depression. It’s definitely not helping with my time management.

I’m not too worried about it. I know it will work itself out. I’m having some girl time tonight with one of my friends. We are going to an open mic poetry event. So maybe that will help get the juices flowing.

On another note, Off the Record is calling me again. I guess he’s not mad at me anymore. So I’m just acting like everything is fine too. Which I guess it is. I think we were both a little too emotional a little too quick. Time will tell.

Have a great Tuesday. See ya’ll tomorrow.


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