About Last Night

So, I went out with Flea Market guy again last night. I must say, this guy is pretty fantastic. Not to mention completely adorable, which he doesn’t like me to say because it makes him feel dirty… or something. There’s a very good chance that in the next little bit,  he will be earning a real name. Partly because he wasn’t a huge fan of “flea market guy” when I told him he already had an alias and also because I’m kind of hoping he sticks around. He’s really fun. And funny. And we’ve halfway decided that we are going to write blogs about out unusual or not so unusual dates together. Maybe some from his  point of view and some from mine, maybe he will be a guest blogger even though he says he’s a terrible writer. Who knows. We are ironing out the details.

Last night was one of the not so unusual things to do around town. We went to a show at one of my favorite little bars. We thought the band was going to be something different but the one we planned on seeing didn’t start til 10. And since we both had to work the next day, we weren’t trying to be out until midnight. We talked and listened to the music.. but mostly talked. We pondered picking a patron of the bar and stalking them for the rest of the night by following them wherever they went, but the conversation was so good we didn’t want to have to put it on hold for a little game of cat and mouse. But it is on our list of unusual dates. We have agreed we are going to need a notebook to keep track of our ideas in- because there are a lot.

Then a funny thing happened…. we left the bar and he was driving me home, but we took a detour and ended up going to his place and talking and hanging out for two more hours. So much for getting sleep.  Just in case you’re wondering…no, that didn’t happen. We are waiting. We’ve talked about the whole sex thing and although sex is great (I’ll be the first to admit that) we have a really good time just being around each other, neither one of us is in a rush to get to the dirty parts of dating. And also, since he’s probably going to be around for a while, I probably won’t be writing all the dirty details here (unless he says it’s ok) because I respect him. He’s also agreed not to read the blog until I’m ready to completely bare my soul– so that’s a couple extra bonus points for him.

So now I have to wait until this weekend to see him. I know it’s not that far away with it being Thursday and all, but it seems like an eternity because he’s just so awesome and I want to see him daily for at least 10 minutes. But I guess that’s probably asking a bit much.  He’s pretty much the male version of me- which is both exciting and very scary at the same time.

I will go out on a limb and say that my soulmate meditation is the reason why I met him. I don’t know if I told you about that… If I did, just skip the next paragraph, if I didn’t, here’s the recap:

I’ve been meditating a lot lately. About 3 times a day for almost 2 hours. As it turns out, it is great for the mind, body, and spirit. So I do stress and anxiety relief meditation. I do spirit guide meditation. I do manifestation meditation. And then I do the soulmate meditation. I’ve done it more than once. And it has worked more than once. Not necessarily in that, I have met my soulmate, but it is a guided meditation that is very specific. It’s kind of like that build a boyfriend workshop I wished existed and a few of the times that I have done it, it has seemed to work. I just had to keep doing it to fine tune it. So at first, I was just like, “I want someone in my life.” And so I met a few people that were not someone I would want to stick around or even introduce to my kid. Then, I said I wanted someone “I had good chemistry with who was ready for a relationship.” And I got Off the Record Trucker. Great chemistry, could have easily spent a lot of time with him and been happy-ish, but he was super ready for a relationship- new baby and all. So clearly, I was a bit wrong on that one. Finally, I tried again saying that I was looking for someone “smart, funny, who goes out of his way to see me, wants to hang out and do the ridiculous things I like to do, someone who does not want kids, someone who doesn’t care about all my baggage and my past fuck ups, someone who wants to travel, is easy going, who I want to be around, and who I could possibly be with long term even if it didn’t lead to marriage (or if it did).” That list was actually way longer than that. Those were just the high points. Enter flea market guy... so far, like I said, he’s pretty darn amazing. I’m trying not to be skeptical. I’m also not trying to give him too much credit all at once (even though he has totally earned all the credit he has so far).  And it seems like he thinks I’m pretty darn amazing too. And we have a great time when we are together. And thinking any further than that makes me a little anxious. Actually, I’m very anxious about him. I’ve had two or three mini panic attacks. Probably because he seems too good to be true. But I asked the universe for him and then he appeared. So I’m thinking he’s probably legit.

Also, as a side note,  in my facebook stalking recon mission this morning, I noticed that on more than one occasion, he and I have likely been at the same place at the same time. I think he was with a girlfriend all those times, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is he really does like to do a lot of the same things I like to do. And I’ve NEVER met anyone who likes to do the same things I like to do. So… YAY!

That’s all I’m really going to say on the topic. I will try for tomorrow’s flashback Friday blog to actually be posted on time. This one was late because I was up too late and I need my sleep because sometimes I’m a child.

Have a great rest of your day. See you tomorrow.

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