The Flu and Then Some

I think the last time I posted anything, I was feeling like I was on my death bed. I was really sick for two days and then just tired for a few more. I don’t think it was the flu, but it may have been. I didn’t go to the doctor. ‘

Last Monday, I had to go get kiddo from school because he had a fever. I did take him to the doctor. Mostly because he needed a school and work note for being absent.  He did have the flu.

I politely declined the Tamiflu since it only heals you about a day earlier and the side effects can be way worse than the symptoms of the flu. I instead treated Mel with the flu bomb recipe I have and some herbal teas. They seemed to help. He took the flu bombs for 3 days before he decided he would not and could not tolerate any more of my hippie juju. We managed to make it through the whole week without any conventional meds. I thought I was a super duper witch doctor or at the very least the best holistic mother ever.

Until Sunday night rolled around. I had been in and out all weekend. Not because I’m not a caring mom, but because he’s sixteen and just wanted to sleep. So when I got home Sunday night, he was already in bed. It was only 8pm. So I knew he was still feeling crappy. His doctor’s note was only good for the previous week so I knew I’d have to get him another appointment because he was still not feeling well. I heard him cough and I knew he was still sick. I thought it was probably pneumonia. Not because I’m a pessimistic doomsdayer, he had this dry cough when he was laying down that sounded a lot like a drum being beaten on when he coughed. When he sat up, it was more wet and raspy. His voice was almost gone and he still had a fever. Not a high one, but a fever nonetheless.

He told me he was probably going to stay home one more day because he just wasn’t feeling well. I made the appointment and I was right. The kid has pneumonia.

I didn’t decline the antibiotics or the inhaler they prescribed. I know when I’ve been beaten. Plus I’m not 100% against conventional medicine. I just like to use more holistic methods when I can.

So assuming he feels better when he wakes up today, he should be back in school. He still has the cough but shouldn’t be contagious. And he will only have to go for two days before he is out for spring break. That should be enough time for him to at least collect all the work he’s missed if not catch up on it.

Isn’t parenting fun?


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