Phil and that Pesky Neighbor

The neighbor came by Monday night to check his groundhog trap. I’m not sure if he thought the groundhog was magical or if he assumed someone let Phil out.  But he reset the trap with extra food inside. It looked like a pretty amazing salad he put in there, so I’ve been nervous all day to look over there. I’m afraid I’m going to see Phil in the cage and have to go on another rescue mission. Granted, it will be much quicker the second time around because now I know how to quickly open the cage.

Even the neighbor’s sister has been driving by to check on the cage. Luckily, Phil has had his wits about him and he has been steering clear of the salad.

So I’m hoping Phil has rehomed himself on this side of the road, although, my kid is convinced that the groundhog is going to be digging holes under our house now and at some point, the house will just fall into some large groundhog abyss and we will be eaten or something. But Phil seemed pretty friendly and not like he would enjoy human flesh much at all.

Plus, I get a small little tinge of satisfaction knowing that they just keep driving by looking at the empty cage.

So, there’s that…

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