The Runner

There is a kid in the neighborhood who likes to run. When I say kid, I mean man. He’s over 18. Or I assume he is because he doesn’t go to school. He lives on my street, but not my block. He lives a block over. But he runs on my street. From the corner to my house and back. About a hundred times a day. I don’t care that he runs. I’m all for living your life and doing what makes you happy.

But it drives my dogs crazy. Not like tail-wagging crazy either. More like teeth showing, barking, growling crazy. I think they feel like he’s taunting them by running literally to the front of the house and then running away.

I’ve debated going out there and asking him to stop, and to maybe go run on his own block, but I don’t know if he’s verbal. I don’t want to seem threatening. And he’s not hurting anything. He’s just creating a noisy workspace. So I just listen to my dogs barking all day. I have to put them outside when he’s running because when they are in the house, I think my Rottweiler is going to literally break the window to get to him. The mailman gave me his address the other day so I may go talk to his parents assuming he has parents because I’ve never seen anyone looking for him while he is on this block running for five hours straight. I’d probably want to know where my kid is, but maybe not.

I thought the dogs would get used to him running, but I should have known if the mailman was any indication, they hate everybody on the other side of the fence. And so, I listen to them bark. I guess I could try to train them to stop barking when I ask them to, but they are 7, 8, and 12 years old. I don’t know if I can teach these old dogs that new trick.

So I guess I’m off to meet my neighbors this week….

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