Men’s Rooms Just Get the Best of Me (NaPoWriMo 2018-1)

I walked in on a guy at Moe’s the other day
Using the restroom.
I’m pretty sure he was trying to flush a regular toilet
With his foot
Which seemed pretty impossible from where I was standing
And from the way he was falling backward

I have a small obsession with men’s rooms.
I don’t know if it’s because I know I’m not supposed to be in there
Or if I’m always just curious if the men’s room and the women’s room
look alike- depending on where it’s located.

For instance
Bar bathrooms:
Men always have a urinal or two…
Unless it’s a really big bar
And then there’s more
Plus a couple stalls
For sit down relaxation

Small bars and small restaurants
It pretty much looks the same
As the women’s room.
Just a regular toilet
No urinal
Just more piss on the floor

And if it’s a unisex bathroom
Well, you might as well just take all the
Fun out of life and tell me
Santa Claus doesn’t exist
Because the magic just disappears
When I’m allowed to be in there

I try to stay out of them
As much as I can
Especially because
Sometimes the looks I get
Could kill a small army
But most times, the
Men’s rooms just get the best of me
and I have to check it out.

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