Waterfalls Galore

I spent most of this past weekend with a friend. I was a few blogs ahead so that’s why you’re not getting this until now. So, here’s the scoop…

I met a guy a few years ago, quite a few years ago, really. He lived close to me. We had a lot in common. I was really into him. I think I blogged about him, but it would have been before I moved over to WordPress. Anyway, his name (in the blog) was Hammock Guy.

So Hammock Guy and I hung out for a few weeks. It was nothing serious. No sex. Mostly just chatting and watching movies and the occasional make-out session (if I remember correctly, he was a really good kisser).

Shortly after we started hanging out, he either got back with an ex or had been seeing me and someone else and picked her. I’m not sure which one it was really. But it didn’t matter because if I do remember correctly, he didn’t exactly tell me. He just kind of ghosted me until I straight up asked him. And then he told me. So, of course, I was mad and didn’t talk to him for a very long time. Five years I guess.

I ran into him at the gas station a couple weeks ago while I was picking my kiddo up from the bus. We started talking and exchanged numbers. I was seeing flea market guy at the time so I wasn’t really thinking too much into it. Plus, in my mind, he had burned the romantic bridge with me by hurting my feelings five years ago (maybe I do hold grudges).

So we went to a show one night a couple weeks ago while FMG was still in the picture, but teetering. And then this past weekend, we pretty much saw each other every day. Friday night we took an impromptu trip to Calhoun’s on the River for a drink, then we walked the riverside and talked for a couple hours. It was nice. Saturday, I ran into him at Wal-Mart when I dropped Mel off at work. He fixed my broken headlight, which was super awesome. And then Sunday we had plans to go on a hike, which he had asked me about really early in the week.

Nature is good for the soul. And my soul needs mending lately.

So Easter Sunday, I took Mel to his girlfriend’s to spend the day with her and then he had to work,  and I went to Hammock Guy’s house. I parked my car and we headed out.

It was really nice. He is really nice. And although I am a forgiving person by nature, it seems I just can’t quite get past the past yet. And I’m kind of happy about that right now because I would never want to treat someone like a rebound… if you can even rebound from someone you’ve only known two months, but either way, I like to give people more respect than to just use them as a band-aid.

So even though I wasn’t dwelling on what happened between us in the past, it’s in the back of mind. And I am very wary and not feeling very trusting of people in general right now. Plus, I haven’t quite gotten over the whole FMG thing so I’m making sure things stay platonic for the moment and maybe forever. Who knows.

And it kind of sucks for him because he does and says all the right things. Like, he tells me I’m pretty for no reason. And sometimes he moves the hair out of my face and puts it behind my ear. He packed us a picnic for our hike. He was very concerned with me being comfortable while we were driving.  And when we were hiking, he was taking random pictures of me. You know the way people do when they want to remember a moment? It was all very nice and I can tell he’s happy when I’m around. And I was happy when I was around him, but like I said, I’m a little skeptical right now.

And I mentioned FMG to him and told him that I wasn’t really trying to jump right into anything at the moment because I was still licking my wounds, but I’m not sure how much of that he heard because he just keeps being charming. And I keep being skeptical because if I learned nothing over the last two months it’s that sometimes actions don’t mean shit even though they are supposed to speak louder than words. Some people’s actions are more like bold-faced lies (oh, geez, there’s that negativity again).

So I’ve opted for friendship for now even though I don’t think that’s what he’s shooting for. But friendships last longer. Friendships are more transparent. And I don’t think I will date anyone ever again if we aren’t great friends first. How can you be lovers if you can’t be friends, right? (Crystal sings this to me all the time).

So I’m trying to take things really slow. Like slow motion video slow. And I’m not rushing into anything. Or at least that’s how I feel today.

Oh… and here are some pictures from the hike (if you haven’t seen them on my Instagram yet).


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