Time is Irrelevant in Writing

I decided to scrap the “schedule” and go with a task list. I’m no good at time management. I’m much better at completing tasks. I can add all the things I need to accomplish in a day on the list plus keep track of my food, water, exercise, and meditation.

As long as I get it all done, time is irrelevant and I still have my own time to do what I want. So I downloaded a super cool task calendar from Dan Waldschmidt’s website. He pretty much helps people become awesome. And he has a bunch of cool free stuff on his website, including this handy-dandy printable download. I didn’t realize it was 380 pages when I downloaded it. Thank God I realized it before I printed it.

I’m going to give this a shot and see if it’s easier. I’ve literally looked through dozens of productivity tools and I have deemed this one to be the most useful.

I was telling my friend, Liz, about it this morning. And by telling her, I mean I was complaining about printing hundreds of pages of paper. I told her I wish it was electronic or something. To which she replied, “you can just make it in Excel and use a new worksheet for each day.”

Well, fuck me running. My friend is a genius. She assured me that she was not a genius, that was her job. She works with computers. Even so, she will forever be a genius in my eyes.

So now, I’m going to recreate this calendar. Not on Excel but in a Google spreadsheet because I love Google and I upgraded to 100GB of cloud space so I have this completely unrealistic sense of comfort that my stuff will always be there. Anyway, I may add a few of my own touches to it, but I may leave it just the way it is. It’s anybody’s guess.

I think with a task list, I’ll be way more productive and not have the stress of that whole “time” issue. As long as I meet my deadlines, I’m good. Which is the great thing about working from your living room.

Time to be productive!!!

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