I Finally Mowed the Grass

I did some much-needed yard work today. The first real mow always takes me forever to get done. I think it has something to do with my Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s like I’m in such a funk that I always leave the house when it’s sunny so I can forget that when I go home I just want to put my head under the covers. And then it’s nice day after day and I manage to find a thousand other things to do. This year was no different. I can easily find something to do besides housework or yard work.

Mel got the ball rolling last week and mowed the front yard. Then I mowed part of the back and quit because I was over it and it was irritating me. Then it rained for days and days and everything grew again. So half the yard was terribly overgrown and half the yard was just pretty high and the front was the eyesore of the neighborhood. So I decided today was the day. Saturday was going to be the day….but plumbing. And then Sunday was going to be the day… but, again, plumbing, so today was it.

I have a little patch of grass that is behind my fence so I have to walk the mower around half of the block to the alley to mow it because I don’t have access from my yard to the alley through the fence. It’s on my list. Maybe.

Anyway, I mowed that little lonely patch and got back to my house and mowed the front yard and the backyard and got a little Edward Scissorhands with the bushes in the front. Tore out some flowers. Probably pulled a muscle in my back. Or just worked a muscle I didn’t even know I had. I do know I will be hella sore tomorrow and I still have some more yardwork that needs to be done. Not mowing, but just trimming brush and pulling weeds, but it will have to wait for another day. Maybe Saturday, because I didn’t actually do any work today. Well, not at the computer. I worked a little in my head. Privately brainstorming for writing ideas. I guess that counts for something.

I was also very mindful and in the moment today. I finished my inner peace book. It’s going to take some practice because I do let some things get to me. I started a new one called Mindfulness is Better Than Chocolate. So far, it’s not. I would still like chocolate. Or sex. Or both. But I only had to remind myself to be in the present moment a handful of times while I was mowing today.

The day was super productive and it was super gorgeous outside. I did get a little bit of sunburn because I didn’t think about sunblock until I started feeling my skin burning, but by then it was too late. I did put some sunblock on but it was cream and I had to rub it on myself (which is never fun) and apparently I missed that spot by my neck. But, I’ll live and I’m sure I will sleep like a rock. A rock at the bottom of the river with another rock tied to it for good measure. That’s how physically exhausted I am.

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