I Have No Niche

I’ve been blogging for a few years now. Not every day, but most days when I’m in my happy place. And I follow lots of other people’s blogs and I see them monetizing them or getting tons of likes and shares. And I’d like to be riding that train with them. But as it turns out, you have to have some sort of niche to get a following like that.

And although I’ve wracked my brain to try and figure out what niche I could blog in. I always come up short. Well, actually, I come up over. I just want to talk about too many things. Mostly my life which is full of surprises on any given day of the week. And I guess not too many people care about what goes on in other people’s lives unless they know those people or feel some sort of kindred connection with them. And I get it.

But I still have no niche. And I’m pretty certain that I am not going to come up with one. I’ve made a list of things I could focus on:

Dating (over 40)
Animals (or being an animal lover)
Organic food (because I love it)
Writing Fiction
Writing Poetry
Sex (lost of sex)
My Favorite Books

I think the list could go on and on. And I already know that if I picked any one single topic from above, it would take about 2.3 seconds before I became bored with that topic. I guess that’s why I like to switch it up. So I apologize in advance that there will be no niche blogs. I guess my niche is “Lifestyle Blog.” Specifically my lifestyle. Which has its exciting moments and it’s not so exciting moments.

You could say my niche for the next year is self-discovery. I’ve been trying to find out one new thing about myself every day. Or at least have one new epiphany. And also to write every single day. Even on the weekend. That’s why these blogs are now numbered. I know the numbers don’t really mean much to you reading it, but it just helps me to keep track of the fact that I have actually blogged. Kind of a weird accountability tool.

Other things that I’ve promised myself over the next 365 days:
Write a new ending for “Say it like you mean it” (my erotica book)
Write a new beginning for “The Nora Tree” (the first book I ever wrote)
Finish the second in “The Nora Tree” series
Start the third in “The Nora Tree” series
Finish the poetry book I recently started
Finish Secret Project that I’m working on

I think that’s a pretty extensive list of things to accomplish in a year. Which means that I don’t have any time to be fucking off. Which also means I don’t have any time to be dating. And that’s pretty much fine and dandy with me because I’m actually pretty bad at it.

Dating is like everything else in my life, really. I think I have some sort of emotional personality disorder. I either like people too much or not enough. I can’t find a happy balance in the middle where I can just be content. I’m either bored or over the moon. I’m like that with work too. Which is why I can’t hold a “regular” job. If I’m not 100% into it, then I’m 0% into it. All or nothing. My friend Samantha used to tell me that all the time. It’s one of my character flaws. She’d say, “you do this. You fall in love with something and you’re all in and then you get bored and you’re all out. You are all or nothing. There’s no middle ground with you.” And, of course, she was right. She was usually right about my life. It’s always easy to see things when you’re on the outside looking in. From the inside looking out, I’m just a hot mess. Granted, I’m a super fun hot mess, but a mess nonetheless.

So I’ve got my lists that I’m trying to get accomplished and I’ve got a plan. And I’m making the time. And I’m making the sacrifices (for the most part). So maybe my niche is “real life.” I’m not sure that counts, but that’s what I’m going with for now.

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