Homeward Bound

I’ve officially been in Dayton for 2 weeks. I’ll be leaving today (or tomorrow) and heading home. I finished my daughter (not so) surprise fence.

The great thing about doing manual labor here is that they are so prepared. They have all the tools you need to build just about anything.

I stressed out all morning about how I was going to make the gate that they could walk through. I didn’t want to have to cut any angles since I failed geometry more than two times in high school. I don’t think I ever work this hard. I have muscles in my body hurting that I didn’t know existed. By 7pm I was ready for bed.

All in all, it’s been a really good trip. It was nice spending some time alone. Although, I miss my kid. And I’ll only have a few days with him before he leaves to go to the beach for two weeks. I’ve had lots of time to think and do some soul-searching.

I really enjoyed my alone time. I started editing “The Nora Tree,” the first book I ever wrote. There are parts of it I want to get rid of. So I’m finally doing it.

It’s a little bit like killing my baby. Even though I hate parts of it, it physically hurts me to hit the delete button. But sometimes we have to do the hard things. Speaking of hard things, I ended a 12-year friendship today. It seems the more spiritual I get and the more in tune with myself I get, the easier I am finding it to let go of people and situations that are either one-sided or just don’t bring me joy. I thought I would feel worse than I do. But I think it’s been a long time coming. Sometimes you just lose that spark even with friends. And then when they do something to betray you, it just brings up all the other little things they’ve done in the recent past, that just solidifies that the decision was right.

So, I’m feeling really good about life at the moment. I also have limited my crap food eating while I’ve been here. The first week, not so much, but the second week, I’ve been mostly vegan and mostly fresh, raw foods with the exception of a baked potato here and some oatmeal there.

I watched Netflix while I was here. I always go to the food documentaries. I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead again. I’ve seen it more than once. So I think I may do a juice fast for a few days when I get home after the kid leaves for the beach. I won’t have anyone to cook for and I think it will reinforce the eating habits that I want. While watching the movie, it looked like people were having a really hard time doing it because of family or friends and they couldn’t have what they wanted when they went out, but I’ve been passing up on lots of things for a long time, so I don’t think it will affect me as heavily.

We shall see. So I’m going to head to bed and pray that I am able to move tomorrow. I have a long drive ahead of me.

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