There was a Wedding

We peeled out of Knoxville at 7 am yesterday to head to Charleston, SC. One of my best friend’s daughter was getting married. The smallest of small weddings and I was the officiant. I married those two and another couple, on the beach in a quick, but pretty amazing little ceremony. Not amazing because I did it. Amazing because I’m always in awe of young people when they decide they want to be together forever. Forty-year-olds don’t do that anymore. We are all so jaded when it comes to love and dating. I love seeing the hope in the eyes of people who still believe in true love.

I, too, still believe in true love. I just believe that it takes its sweet time for a lot of us and sometimes it skips us all together. But these young couples, I swear, they seem to have it all figured out.

They are friends with their partners, which I think is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. They laugh together, talk together, cry together. They just do life together. I think the older I get, the more difficult it is to even consider doing life with someone.

Sure, the idea seems nice. So does living to 100, but these days it rarely happens.

Anyway, the kids got married. Maranda and I came back to the campground and set up camp. I have my super comfy hammock all put up and ready to go (thanks to Maranda). Hopefully, the rain will hold off and I will be able to sleep outside under the stars all night.

The Hammock I will be sleeping in

We are going to hit the beach tomorrow, I think. And then maybe hit a bar or two where I can have too much to drink and make a few mistakes before I come home. My kiddo is at the beach for the next week so I will be coming home to an empty house. Well, not so empty, the dogs are there. Waiting, impatiently, I’m sure.

So basically, today was pretty beautiful and tomorrow is looking like a close second. Worries can wait til Monday.

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