The Juice Cleanse

When I went to Ohio, I decided I wanted to do a juice cleanse when I got home. I used my time in Ohio to semi-prepare my body for the change. I had quit eating eggs about two weeks before I went. And I hadn’t been eating bread either. I was, however consuming chips and queso. And I still did in Ohio. And all the way up until yesterday. But for the most part, I did really well eating decently.

So today, I started what will be at least a 3-day juice cleanse. I say three days, but I think I overbought on the veggies so I will juice until they are gone. I cleaned out my refrigerator, getting rid of anything that may have been a temptation. I left the frozen junk frozen because the kiddo will eat that when he gets home. But he’s gone for a week or maybe three. Who really knows, it’s summer. So I knew it would be easier to do a juice cleanse if I was home alone because I wouldn’t have to leave the house if I didn’t want to and I wouldn’t have to feed Mel.

I’m not following any one particular resource for juicing. I am using a mixture of two resources. The first is Anthony William Medical Medium. He recommends celery juice in the morning and cucumber at night. And he’s pretty much miraculously healing people, so I took some of his advice. The other juices that I’m using or that I plan on using have all come from a book called Juice.

I recommend both of these resources if you are just getting started. The reason I picked the book Juice is that they have a bunch of different recipes: green, root, citrus. And the variations use a lot of the same veggies and fruits from my list. I wanted to keep the juicing simple. I didn’t want to have to buy one or two of this or that. I wanted to buy a whole bunch of a few things. So this book made it easy.

My grocery haul
My grocery haul

Below are the ingredients and the recipes and my “schedule” that I am using for the next 3+ days. All recipes that have more than one ingredient are from the book Juice. Or a variation from one of their recipes.

Sample Grocery List:
2 Bags of Lemons
2 Bags of Limes
1 Bag of Oranges
1 Bag of Grapefruits
2 Pineapples
3 Large Watermelons (you can use small, mine were on sale so I got them)
1 Bag of Fuji Apples
1 Bag of Granny Smith Apples
12 Cucumbers (I got the locally grown large cucumbers, you can also get English, again these were on sale)
6 Bunches of Celery
2 Bunches of Kale
2 Bunches of Parsley
2 Bunches of Spinach
2 Bags of Carrots
6 Heads of Romaine Lettuce

Aloe Leaf
Ginger Root
Coconut Water
Cayenne Pepper
Plenty of Drinking Water!!!!

*Note: When possible choose organic. Always wash all produce (including organic).

Day 1:

16 oz of lemon water (½ lemon in 16 oz water). You can add a teaspoon of raw unfiltered honey in the am.
16 oz of Celery juice
16 oz of water or lemon water
16 oz of Orange juice
16 oz of water or lemon water
16 oz of Mixed Green Juice
16 oz of water or lemon water
16 oz of Watermelon Juice
16 oz of Mixed Green juice
16 oz of lemon water
16 oz of Cucumber juice
16 oz of Aloe water

Recipes I’m using:
Celery juice:
is celery only. One bunch of celery juiced

Orange juice:
is oranges only. I used 3 peeled oranges juiced.

Watermelon juice:
is watermelon only. I used ¼ of a large melon to get my juice.

Cucumber juice:
is cucumber only. 2-3 Cukes peeled (depending on size)

Mixed Greens Juice:
2-3 Kale leaves, a large handful of spinach, 2 celery stalks, 1 large cucumber or 2 small ones, a small bunch of parsley, 1 fuji apple, ½ lemon peeled and juice.

Mixed Greens 2 juice (because I forgot the lettuce the first time I made it but I liked it so I’m doing it with and without):
2-3 Kale leaves, a large handful of spinach, 2 celery stalks, 1 head of romaine lettuce, 1 large cucumber or 2 small ones, a small bunch of parsley, 1 fuji apple, ½ lemon peeled and juice.

Mixed Beet Juice:
1 Beet (scrubbed with the tops cut off), 3 Carrots, 3 Kale Leaves, 1 Cucumber, peeled, 2 Celery Stalks, 1 Head of Romaine, 1 Bunch of fresh parsley, a Large handful of spinach

Mixed Carrot Juice:
4-5 Carrots, 1 Large Cucumber, a Large handful of spinach, 1 bunch of fresh parsley

Grapefruit Juice:
1 pink grapefruit peeled (grapefruit will mess with some medicines so make sure you check)
A small handful of fresh mint leaves

Citrus Juice:
1 lemon peeled, 1 orange peeled, ½ pineapple (skin removed), 3 celery stalks

Spicy Lemon Water:
1 lemon peeled
8 oz coconut water
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

If you want a downloadable or printable version of this list, you can click the following link and have it!  Juice Cleanse

and I’m not going to ask you for your email address…..

So far, this has been a great experience. I’m not tired. I’m not moody. I’m not even hungry. But like I said, I prepared for this for a couple weeks before I started so I was mentally ready for it.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my health. Mostly my mental health and I figured while I am working on some big changes in my life, I might as well do a health reboot as well. I mean, it couldn’t hurt, right?

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