A little juice, a little life change

Day two of the juice cleanse went really well. I wasn’t super hungry (except for when I woke up from my three-hour nap). I spent the better part of my day researching some of the last articles I will be ghostwriting and looking for new writing gigs. Nothing has come up yet. If only I could get paid to travel around the world and post blogs about my misadventures. Then we’d be on to something.

I’ve been texting with Alejandro today. It seems he is coming this way Thursday. So that should be fun. Turns out, he’s not a dickhole at all. Not that I was expecting him to be. Yes, I know it’s too soon to really tell, but I’m ok with today being fine. I’ve stopped thinking about the future and what may happen. That goes with everything. Life, love, work, weather.

I don’t give a fuck anymore. I’m just going to take it as it comes. Enjoy the moment. Try not to make too many mistakes. And learn how to live with it if I do. I mean, really, isn’t that all we can do?

I spent so much of my life trying to plan for a future that never happened. It seems like planning more than a few days in advance is nothing more than a moot point.

I think that’s how I am going to deal with relationships from now on too. No future plans, besides, “I still love you today, do you want to try to do this again tomorrow?” And if the answer is yes, great. If it’s no, well, that’ll be alright too.

I do understand that I probably won’t find a man who is going to go along with that shit. So I dare say it’s going to be a long and lonely road.

I’m totally kidding. I don’t get lonely. I amuse myself just fine. Plus, as we recently learned, I’ve never met a stranger.

Surely someone will come along who understands that everything is temporary.

I think that’s the bottom line.

We are all living on borrowed time. Why plan for 30 years from now, when you might not have 30 days?

Why not just enjoy today? Do what you love today? Tell people you love them today? Tell people you miss them today? Say you’re sorry today? Why are we always waiting around for the right time or the right words or someone else to make the first move?

Plus, most people don’t follow through with what they say they are going to do, so why plan too far ahead. Hell, people cancel when plans are only a day ahead. So planning for a long-term future especially with someone who can’t follow through to save their lives will only end up irritating you in the long run. Because those who can’t follow through, don’t even realize that they are actually kind of being a dickhole.

So yea, my new(ish) outlook on life is in full effect.
I’ll be doing one more day of juice only tomorrow. And then Thursday I’ll be eating food again. I think I will continue to juice once or twice a day. I don’t mind it really and the extra energy is amazing. But if I’m going to hang out with Alejandro for a couple days, I won’t be able to be on just juice because it probably won’t be available where we are going. But I could be wrong.

So until tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. If you have a favorite juicing recipe, I’d love to see it. Share it in the comments!

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