It’s a New Dawn

I start a “real” job today at a local cafe. It was the first job I applied for when I decided I needed to do something to make some extra money. I put it out into the universe that it would be fun to work with people again. And they probably only have a few minutes to get in and out and get to work so not too much to do besides smile and take their money. Maybe fix a sandwich or two, right? I don’t know. I’ll find all that out tomorrow. Pros of this job are that I will be home by 3pm. I get to wear all black: black shoes, black shirt, black pants so I didn’t have to go shopping. I actually own lots of black.  I will still have time to write. It’s only Monday through Friday. No nights. No weekends. It’s downtown near one of my favorite places-market square. The owner is a really nice guy who doesn’t seem like he will sexually harass me at all which is quite different from the last 3 “real” jobs I’ve had.

Cons: I won’t be able to travel anymore unless I travel on the weekend. Which means I won’t be able to travel far. I won’t be at the beach, that’s for sure. And that in itself is depressing. Another con, the pay fucking sucks. It’s barely over minimum wage. I will just have to remind myself that I needn’t do the work of three people when I’m barely getting paid to do the work of one.

But it’s a job and I needed it. Basketball is breaking the bank and I had to do something for at least the next little bit until I come up with some other plan…which I will. And I will have a good attitude about it while I am there. That’s another one of my superpowers… pretending I love something when I really don’t. Not to be confused with loving someone when I really don’t. That’s not an act I can pull off.

I actually have a plan in the works. It is going to require me to get out of my funk and to get my ass in gear, but I’m willing to do that. Maybe waking up at 5:30 will help and not getting to take a daily nap will also help. Although, it won’t help with my creativity, because napping is when all things fall into place.

But, like I said, I’m optimistic things will work out exactly the way they are supposed to. I am currently having the cover to my poetry book worked on (I think). I may have to hire someone to do it, but it’s simple and shouldn’t break the bank if I need to.  Along with that, I’m trying to get three other book covers worked on. The Nora Tree, Say It Like You Mean It (my porn), and the parenting book that I want a new cover for. Yes, I’m a versatile writer. There’s also a children’s book series in the work, but I think I’d feel a little dirty if I mentioned that in the same paragraph as the “adult book.”

So, here’s a new paragraph. I also have been working on a children’s book series. A new kind of fairy tale. But I need that whole thing illustrated which will take a little longer and a little more money because the only artistic bone I have in my body is in my fingertips and they create words, not pictures…unless it’s pictures with words. Needless to say, I’m gonna need more money. Hence, the “real” job.

So, this is me being optimistic as fuck saying that everything is going to work out exactly the way it is supposed to while playing the lottery and listening to money manifestation meditations and subliminals. I mean, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And I can’t very well do it with a shitty attitude. As I’ve said before, my record for getting through life is 100% at this moment in time. Many times I’ve thought it was the end of life as I know it. Many times I’ve thought I’d rather die than do (insert whatever). And every single time I’ve managed to get through it. I’ve managed to get the bills paid. I’ve managed to come out on the other end of it stronger than before whether it is work, relationships, heartbreak, bills, death, destruction, or just life in general, I’ve made it through. So this will not be the week that kills me. That I can assure you (and me).

I also looked for some ghostwriting gigs on some of the more popular freelance sites and honestly, their rates are laughable. I’d rather serve coffee to scientists for minimum wage (which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow) than to sell my talent for pennies, which is what Upwork expects you to do. I mean, I want to write, but no thank you, I’ll write my own shit for free and make no money on it before I will write something for someone else for practically nothing and watch them get rich on it because they have more money to market. Pffft…

Anyway, have a great day Y’all. I know I will try to. I’ll keep you posted. Until tomorrow…

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