The Sleepover

I pretty much spent the whole weekend with Nate (aka Bumble guy). I’m sure that I would be premature to say that he may be “the one,” so I won’t say that, but he is definitely the “the one for now.” In the most unexpected and unconventional way, me and this guy just click. I haven’t given much thought to why besides that whole opposites attract thing. If I were going to try to attach an analogy to this odd situation, it would be that I am like a helium balloon. I have a purpose and it may be to bring people happiness. Or to be fun. But in the long run, I have my head in the clouds. And although helium balloons are fun to be around and even more fun to inhale, they are pretty useless if they aren’t being held by someone who isn’t going to float away with them. I’m always looking for someone who is also predisposed to flights of fancy. Those kind of people shouldn’t be the people I pick, because you know what happens when two helium balloons are let go together? They fly really high and look great for a few minutes, then they get lost in the abyss and when they are finally found they are deflated and lifeless. I think I like Nate’s practicality. He’s like a real adult. One who plans things and budgets for emergencies. And he’s so smart. We can have entire conversations about our take on existentialism and religion and life on other planets and the existence (or non existence) of duppies. But even when we disagree, he can be an adult about it and just agree to disagree. I find that very appealing. I also find it very appealing that he is a planner. Even though our plan to go play golf Sunday didn’t work out. We decided maybe we needed to go to a driving range first before he turned me loose on 18 holes, so we put off anything golf related (except for watching golf) until another time. Saturday night, he invited me to meet him for a beer after we got off work. He got off around the same time as me so I met him at his favorite watering hole. I ate a veggie quesadilla. He didn’t mind one bit. No crazy looks about not eating meat. No crazy looks for being in a bar and not drinking anything but water… nothing. He just gets it that I do whatever I want and if I’m weird, I’m weird, deal with it. And that’s exactly what he has been doing. So I was eating, he was drinking, we were being merry. He invited me to spend the night with him. Normally, these things evolve naturally for me. Ex: I have too much to drink and just don’t go home. But he invited me. He wanted to make a plan. So I told him I would go home and grab my stuff and come back. Sure it was kind of soon for a sleepover considering we had literally just met the previous Saturday, but let’s face it, my cup runneth over with poor decisions. So he said we were going to do some liquor science and I volunteered to bring the honey to flavor it. I think I mentioned that he is kind of nerdy and really smart and not a bit what I’m used to… so we took some everclear, infused it with water and honey and created this amazing little drink that was probably 100 proof and made me warm and fuzzy all over and also made me kind of feel like a dragon or like I could be a dragon if I breathed out on a lighter. So we made our little liquor drink and I had two fingers of it (times 3 but who is counting) and then we watched some television and went to sleep. You are welcome to imagine what happened between television and sleep. Whatever it is, you’re probably right. But what you probably won’t imagine is that he had a pizza in his freezer from when he went shopping (which was the previous Sunday) and he asked me if I wanted some pizza. I told him probably not because it was loaded down with meat. And like the spaghetti dinner the previous Sunday where he left the meat off mine, he said, “I had gotten a margharita pizza just in case you were over here.” I don’t know what it takes to make normal women swoon, but that was all it took for me. Show me that you listen when I talk and I’m pretty much all yours. So we ate meatless pizza, went to sleep, woke up, lazed around for the morning opting not to do anything. He made us bagels for breakfast and we just talked all morning until I told him I had to go home to be productive but then ended up getting home and deciding I was going to be lazy. I think his spidey senses went off because he invited me to come back over and hang out some more and for some strange reason, I found myself saying, “sure, this stuff will be here tomorrow.” So I promised myself that Monday would be more productive and I told him I couldn’t see him Monday and then I went back over and we finished watching Thor and then we watched a comedy show and we talked and just had a generally nice weekend. He’s seems to be one of those people who just sees me. I’ve run into a few in my past. Even one recently, but Nate just seems to see me for who I am and he seems to just embrace all of it even the parts that are completely different from him and there are a lot. My friend M says that I will be bored soon. She may be right, but I’m waiting to see…

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