Asshole Cessation

One of the guys at work recently went to hypnosis to quit smoking. It’s been two weeks and he still hasn’t picked up a cigarette. I went online to the guy’s website to see what else he offered.

The website said he also offered weight loss hypnosis. What he didn’t offer was hypnosis to stop drinking which would be perfect for Flea Market Guy, who has still managed to stay in the mix of my life even though he’s super fucked up. Also, not offered is hypnosis to stop dating assholes who are super fucked up.

I think if he offered that, this guy could make way more than $49.99 a pop. I’m sending him a message to see if he would or could offer that. Not sure of the verbiage. “Could you please offer hypnosis to make me love myself more?” or maybe “Could you please hypnotize me to run at the first red flag instead of rationalizing all of them?”

I’m not sure if it’s even possible, but I am an optimist. I will keep you posted.

One comment

  1. Yeah wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could get better at avoiding dating guys that are not suitable for our needs.

    If that guy can figure out that challenge he will make a fortune.


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