Creative Spaces

I’ve been struggling with my creativity lately because the space I usually use to write has been over run with books and other “stuff.” I’ve been looking for a place to relocate it all to, but space is pretty slim right now. My house is pretty small and my kiddo (who just turned 18) has had the big bedroom so Flea Market Guy and I have all of our stuff in the little bedroom. Me and Kiddo have been talking about switching rooms. He has no problem with it, we just haven’t really had the time and he’s in no rush to move all of his stuff into the small room. Right now, he is perfectly content with having all his stuff strewn all over his large room.

But Nanowrimo starts in November and I have committed to it. Nanowrimo is national novel writing month. I’ve been working on my last book The Nora Tree and I was hoping to start one of the subsequent books in November, but without a space that is working for me, I am fearful that I will not be as militant as I was last time. Or maybe I’m just making excuses. But creative space is a thing for me. I’m sure some people can write anywhere they feel like it. I’m not those people. I have to get in the zone. I have to be wearing my “writing pants” and I have to be my space.

I’m going to attempt to get to it in the next couple of days so that I can be fully prepared. I’m aware that this is a weird thing. And honestly, it’s more than just moving bedrooms around. My creative space creation also involves moving some of the living room furniture as well. Actually, just a bookshelf. But the television sits on said bookshelf which means that other arrangements need to be made for the television.

Flea market guy has an entertainment center in storage, but he’s been reluctant to go to the storage unit for numerous reasons that make sense to him but not to me.

My BFF said that I need to do whatever it is that breeds creativity and I need to do it now regardless of whether anyone else agrees or if they just think I’m crazy.

I’m going to get on that boat. The creative space creation boat, because otherwise, I may be writing a whole lot of nothing for November. And that would be tragic.

What are some things that are non negotiable in your life that people just don’t get? I’d love to hear about them?

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