Trying to Get My Flightiness in Order

How’s that saying go? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? I really did have the best of intentions when it came to blogging. I always do. Life just has a way of getting in the way and computers have a way of breaking down and time has a way of pushing fast forward. And blogging falls by the wayside and well, intentions, remain just that. I’m flighty. It’s a thing. So I won’t attempt to make any empty promises to you or to myself about how I am going to blog every single day. I will just say that I am going to try harder.

I think part of the reason there have been no blogs is because I’ve not really been out doing anything. Historically speaking, this is a SAD time of year for me. Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD, not unhappy. I hate the cold. I really need to move to a warmer climate that has more sunshine and heat in the cold months. But I love the mountains so much and East Tennessee, I’m going to have to get rich and just become one of those snowbirds who flies south for the winter.

I talk to my BFF in Florida every morning and when I am complaining that it is 20 or 30 degrees as I take my morning stroll. She is complaining that it is 60 degrees and she hates when it is that cold. Ha! I wish it was only that cold here. So, I guess, eventually, I will be blogging from a beach one day, maybe next December. But for now, I’m still sitting in my Tennessee living room looking outside at the deceptively bright sunshine, but when I look at the temperature, it’s only 42 degrees. But it’s almost warm enough to almost enjoy. Almost. So I’ve stayed holed up in the house for most of the cold spring until now.

I worked for the last few months on a couple of book ideas I had. I created a mindfulness planner for kids and one for adults. I created a cookbook for myself and for my daughter that we could write all of our favorite recipes in. And then I created a doodle book that is pocket sized and can be used as a dream journal or an inspiration journal. Small, compact, and easy to take everywhere.

One of my facebook friends said, “so you’re publishing books with nothing in them? Genius!” But in my defense, the mindfulness journals do have “something” in them, but it’s meant to provoke thought and get you on the path to loving yourself more and not being so hard on yourself. I basically was creating the things that I need. Because I figured someone else might need them too. So I’m on the end pages of volume 2 of the journals. I thought I’d create 3 versions or so, but we upgraded computers from a PC to a Mac and now we don’t have the program I was using on PC and I’m trying my hardest to get the gist of using a Mac so I can continue there, but it’s slow going and I told myself I was going to hunker down starting in February and really get to writing on my “real” books. As of right now, that is still the plan.

I thought I’d try to finish the 2nd versions that I have almost done on the other computer but the reason we upgraded is because that one just randomly shuts down and it runs so slow it makes you want to throw it. Also, I’m waiting on my “artist” to get back to me about finishing the second versions. I’ve pretty much got them done on my end but without new artwork, I’m dead in the water since I don’t have much of an artistic bone in my body. I’m more verbally creative than visually creative. Although, having to wait on someone else to finish my project almost makes me want to get visually creative.

I hate having to rely on other people. I’ve always been that way. I just find it very frustrating when I’m ready to do something and someone says they are ready too and then they dip out on you. It makes it worse when that person is your kid, because then you can’t really get mad at them, you have to be mad at yourself because there was likely something in your parenting or lack of parenting efficiently that makes them unreliable and flaky. And while I pride myself on being reliable, I do have a tendency to flake out at times so maybe he does come by it honestly. Hence, why there has only been one blog so far this year.

So again, I will just attempt to try harder and attempt to write more. I guess that means I will have to leave the house in the cold so I can get out in the real world and find things to write about.

So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow!

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