Self Service Car Washes – an adulting lesson

I was pretty productive today. It was day 3 of my Beachbody on Demand “Muscle Burns Fat” program. I woke up a little before 6 am. Mixed up a little 4 oz protein shake to get something in my stomach before what I was sure was going to be “torture day 3.” But instead of listening to the super fit body builder on the computer screen who was telling me “don’t be afraid to go a little heavy,” I opted for the lightest weights I had. Three pounds.

Now that it’s over 12 hours later and I can still use my arms, I’m thinking maybe I should have gone a little heavier, but I learned my lesson about not being “afraid to go a little heavy” on Monday. My legs still haven’t recovered and tomorrow is leg day again.

But, I was able to get up and down with minimal cursing today and I even made up my mind to add my C25K back to my daily regimen. I was going to wait until this program was done but, I think double the work equals double the results. We will see.

Back to my productivity. I went to work most of the day. A gig which just requires me to drive, get out of the car, take a few photos, get into the car, drive to next property, take a few photos and on and on. In and out. Up and down. In another situation, that might sound like a good time…

Anyway, after I got home from work, I made and ate dinner. I also had to run by the store for my mother. So on the way to do that, I stopped at the car was to freshen up the ride. A lot of times, I drive up to the automatic wash, pay, and drive in and let the machine do all the work, and drive out in a clean(ish) car.

Not that I haven’t used the self-service bays numerous times. I have. But after 44, almost 45 years on this earth, I discovered that (I think) I have been using the car wash all wrong!!!

If you’ve never been to a self service car wash before props to you, but if you have, then you know that there is this not-so-fancy little knob with a bunch of options on it like the one below.

Now, maybe I’m an idiot, but usually I go straight into High Pressure soap, foam brush, rinse and done. Today, though, I was feeling contemplative and so I just took my time and started at the beginning. I sprayed on the tire cleaner, I sprayed on the pre-soak, then the soap, then the rinse and so on all the way back to stop.

And my car has never looked cleaner!!!!

It’s like I just drove her off the lot. Why did nobody teach me this the first time they ever took me to a car wash? I mean, someone has to know there is a method to it all, right? Or am I the only one who never knew how to wash a car the right way in a self-service car wash?

I feel like I have failed my children. I hope they are smarter than me and click their way from start to finish. I hope I didn’t turn them into willy nilly sprayers with no purpose.

I don’t know if I should feel stupid for not knowing that there was a reason for each little turn of the knob. Why isn’t there a love letter at each car wash bay that says: FOR THE PERFECT WASH, GO IN ORDER ???

Please, someone, anyone, tell me i am not alone in this.

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