I went and did a thing

I think it’s been almost 2 months since I signed up for my Canadian Beach Body program. And I am really pleased with it. Like I mentioned in the above blog, I went all in when I signed up and got all the supplements and nutrition programs and tools that were offered. I think I spent about $200 (USD) on it and I regret nothing. The BeachBody program is definitely a MLM program where coaches get other “coaches” to sign up under them and in the mix of it all, everyone makes a little money.

I’ve never been a fan of Multi-level marketing. For one, I’ve never been good at marketing myself or selling myself to an audience and I think that is something that you have to have. The irony of that is that I used to teach a senior water aerobics class and I had two sisters who used to come to my class regularly and whenever class was over and we were chatting it up, one of the sisters would always tell me, “you have such a marketable personality.” And I never knew what she meant by that until recently.

I think people with “marketable” personalities is just a nice term for “you’ve been through some shit and people can relate.” I could be wrong. She never really elaborated on it. But even with my propensity for making bad decisions and somehow coming out on the other end of it with a smile, I’ve never wanted to “sell” things to people.

I think it has a lot to do with my distrust for big business and my disdain for being at the bottom and killing myself while those at the top reap the rewards. I’m definitely not saying that is what MLM is, but for a long time, that was my perception of it. Over time, I have learned that there will always be fly by night businesses and there are others who have a solid foundation and actually have a product that is worth it.

As I also mentioned in a previous blog, while I have never been one to join “the business” side, I’ve always been one to support my friends who are on “the business” side of things. It does not even matter what it is, I’ll buy anything once to support a friend… literally, anything… $20 toothpaste? Sign me up. $60 hair vitamins… send em to me. $90 Dildo… well, maybe just this once. It. Does. Not. Matter.

My most recent purchase was for some super vitamins called Thrive that I tried out and fell in love with. They are all the B vitamins I need plus a lil touch of green tea caffiene and some other good stuff that gets my day started before I even get up to take my morning pee. There is actually a 3 step program that includes the vitamins but after trying it, I just opted for the vitamins solo and some super greens powder because that’s what fits into my lifestyle and she’s such an awesome business woman that she’s not about selling you something to make a sale, she’s about selling you what’s best for you and your health and your wallet.

She actually inspired me to venture into the thing that i have always avoided. Starting my own business.

I did not join her at Thrive. Instead, since I have become absolutely enamored with BeachBody, I decided to join my Canadian BeachBody (CBB) Coach’s team and become a coach myself. I’m not quite ready to jump in head first, but between my CBB coach and Candi my vitamin dealer, I’ve met two people who are in the business of helping people. And the more I’ve watched them just be themselves and do their thing, the more I kept thinking that all I’ve ever wanted to do was help people. I’ve even been tricked into working jobs where that was supposed to be the job and it turned out to just be a disappointment.

So as I’ve progressed through my workouts and my nutrition and my mindset and all the things that make one a well rounded individual, I’ve decided to take a leap that I’ve been scared of my whole life pretty much and start a business helping people!

I’ve officially become a Team Beachbody Coach and I’m super stoked about it. I’m not diving in just yet because I want to be equipped to go full steam ahead when the time comes. In my mind, that time is going to be about the second week in November. So if you are kicking around the idea of joining an accountability group or trying to figure out what your plans are for the new year and New Year’s Resolutions if you do those, consider coming on this journey with me. Yes, I’m going to be trying to sell you things, but like my two inspirations, I will never try to sell you something you don’t need and I wil always have your best interest in mind. With that being said, if you’d like to sit back and watch from afar at how my journey is going right now, join me over on Instagram where I like to overshare and insta my every meal.

In the meantime, I’ll see you back here for some soul searching and soul bearing.

All my love to you.

Thanks for being here.

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