Close Encounter of the COVID Kind

I was notified late Saturday that a coworker that I spent a whole shift with on Thursday tested positive for COVID. I’m pretty sure I know who the culprit is even though his name was withheld. I worked with a dude who sounded like he was hacking up a lung on Thursday. I asked if he was sure it wasn’t COVID. He assured me that he always gets a bronchial infection this time of year because of his “asthma.” I didn’t push the issue. I just stayed away from him while we worked together in the ticket booth outdoors and I put my mask on when I had to go inside to work. I like to think that I’m pretty careful and use common sense when it comes to this virus. I am fully vaccinated and boosted, however, I have had a sore throat, lethargy, and nausea for the last couple of days.

If you know me, then you know that I can be a hypochondriac at times so I may be imagining all of these so called symptoms. Either way, I made an appointment immediately to get tested. The CDC recommends getting tested between 5-7 days after exposure even if you don’t have symptoms so you don’t spread it around. I’ve not really left my house since I found out and the couple of times that I did leave, I wore a mask just in case. I was a little worried about my Friday and Saturday escapades out, but that was less than 48 hours after exposure, so I’m not feeling too worried about it or guilty that maybe I’ve given it to someone.

But I guess at this point, getting COVID is the fault of whoever gets it. Could I wear a mask all the time when I leave my house to prevent getting it? Sure. If I choose not to wear a mask and end up getting sick, is that my fault? Absolutely.

I’m not mad at the fact that I might be sick. I’m mad because I knew how to prevent it and chose to only wear my mask half of the time. It’s like having sex with someone without a condom because they “look safe.” It’s just a stupid idea.

So now I have symptoms of not being 100% well that are either real or make believe, I guess I will know tomorrow. I’ve been drinking tons of mullein tea and other herbal teas. And I haven’t worked out in days. I’m trying to stay optimistic. I guess I have learned a valuable lesson. If I don’t want to have to worry about getting sick, then I should just wear the effing mask.

I guess that will be my new rule going forward.

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