One Long Day

We were up at the crack of dawn today to get on the road. We left South Carolina yesterday and started to drive back. We got about 150 miles to Columbia before my legs were feeling like they had RLS and my mood was entering the cranky zone. We decided to stop and stay at a hotel for the night. I’m not usually a hotel snob. I’m pretty appreciative of any room I get and last night I was so tired, all I wanted to do was shower and lay down. We booked a room online while we were on the way. We use T-Mobile for our phone service and they have this really cool app called T-Mobile Tuesdays, but everyday, you can get on it and book a hotel for up to 40% off. So we found one for about 32% off that came in right under $50. Yes, I do know that you get what you pay for and we definitely did. We skipped all the beach hotels and all the hotels that were going to be over $100. After all, we were just going to sleep for 8 hours and get back on the road.

When looking for a hotel, I always look at the pictures to see if the sheets are white and if the bed cover is anything but a dark floral print. I don’t know why I feel like if it has white sheets and a plain cotton cover that it is a better hotel. Either way, I was wrong in this case. The pictures looked perfectly suitable. When we got to the hotel, while the sheets were white and the bed cover was a solid white cotton blanket, the sheets seemed to have stains on them. The bath mat also had stains on them. I don’t think they were “dirty,” but they definitely weren’t washed in a bleach filled washer. I can’t even be sure they were washed with laundry detergent at all.

When it was time to take a shower, FMG brought the shampoo and conditioner to the shower and THEY DIDN’T EVEN MATCH! Like I said, I’m not really a hotel snob, but I do expect the shampoo and conditioner to be the same brand. Not only was the conditioner different from the shampoo, the bottle was half used. I guess I could have called downstairs and complained to the front desk, but I was exhausted and quite frankly, my dear, I didn’t give a damn.

So we showered with the mismatched toiletries, dried off on the probably dirty towels, and climbed into the bed opposite the couch that looked like it had seen it’s fair share of prostitutes and murders.

But, the water pressure of the shower was really good and the bed was comfortable enough to quickly fall asleep.

Again, not a hotel snob, but when we got up this morning and went to breakfast, all they had was carbs. The “breakfast bar” was waffles, corn flakes, fruit loops, donut holes, and oatmeal. No eggs. No fruit. No sausage (for him). So maybe I am a hotel snob.

I don’t think I stay at them near enough to be, but maybe I am.

After breakfast, we headed back home to Knoxville to start getting ready for our big move. We picked up our U-Haul and got it to the house around 3:30 and started loading all the boxes we had packed. By 7, we were done for the night. We still have to load most of the furniture tomorrow.

Our plan is to get everything loaded tomorrow, clean this house as best we can before crashing on the mattress one last night and then hit the road early Saturday morning to head to our new home in Myrtle Beach.

More tomorrow… `

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