Fifteen Minutes of Writing

It’s so crazy how quickly two weeks flies by. I always have these great intentions of sitting down and writing a blog every single day. Some days when I am out and about, something will pop up in my head and I think, “man, that’d be a great blog topic” and then by the time I get home, I think “what was I going to say on the blog?” I know I should write it down or record it. I even moved my phone recorder to the main page right below the weather because I look at that every single day. So I know it’s there and still, I find it hard to make use out of it.

Today, I decided I would just set my alarm for 15 minutes and sit down and write something, anything. So here we are.

This may be a whole lot of rambling, but I think most of us have a perpetual ramble going on in our heads that never gets out and sometimes it can make us crazy.

Maybe I’ll just start with a list of things that have happened.

Thing 1. I started writing a book. But again, it’s the same thing. I was on a really good roll one day and then I haven’t sat back down to write any more. After I’m done writing this blog, I decided I will reset my timer for 90 minutes and sit in front of the pages I’ve already written. I will re-read them and I will put on my focus music and I will sit there with my fingers on the keyboard until something happens. And if nothing happens, I will sit there until the alarm goes off.

I don’t like to use the term writer’s block, because I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think it’s more writer’s sabotage.

Flea Market Guy and I decided that now is the time. He’s content with going to work and taking care of all the bills for the next 6 months so I can focus on writing and personal development and growing a wellness motivation business. The proper term is “coaching” business but I don’t really look at myself as a coach. I don’t want to “coach” people. I want to motivate people and lead by example, but the example right now is that I am still doubting myself and the fact that I could lead anyone to wellness.

I do know that is not actually true. I know that I have come a really LONG way over time. FMG says I eat healthier than most people even when I am having a side binge of sweets, but I think it’s the sweets that are doing me in. I have had zero processed sugar in almost two weeks. My junk food cravings are actually gone for the most part. We are on week 2 of the gut protocol we are doing which eliminated a bunch of stuff. I’m sure you read about it in a previous blog if you are a regular here, but basically it removed all the things that are the most sensitivity causing from our diet, like sugar and dairy and gluten and a few others. I have followed the program to the letter this time.

I’ve done other gut programs and I’ve never made it to the “end” because I have always found a reason to make an “exception.” And by exception I mean excuse.

The truth is, doing hard things alone makes the hard thing even harder. And I’ve not really had anyone to lean on when it came to trying a gut protocol. I learned all the info. I even paid for a class to learn a bit more, because I WANT to be the healthiest version of myself. Mentally, physically, and internally. I know there are a lot of people who are “healthy” and look skinny and you wonder how can they look like that when they are eating pizza and cookies? Some people just have good genetics. And just because they look good on the outside, doesn’t mean they aren’t sick on the inside. Look at all the good looking people who die of cancer.

My goal is not to be a size 6 with a 6 pack. Let me rephrase, my goal is not to JUST be a size 6 with a 6 pack. I want to be healthy and happy on the inside. I don’t want to just look hot on the outside. I do know it’s kind of vain to use the term “hot” when referring to yourself, but I’ve never actually been hot. So I just want to try that look on and see how it feels. Maybe only one night only.

However, I do want to be strong forever. I don’t want to get frail and unsteady. I don’t want to be a burden to my kids. I don’t want them worrying about what to do with mom. I just want to be strong, keep working out, keep building muscle, keep building stability, keep building mobility, and keep eating right so when I get on that perpetual cruise at 99 and fall over dead, they can just throw my body over the side to the sharks and call my kids and say, “she was having a really good time singing old school Kenny Chesney songs at senior karaoke and she just dropped dead.” And they can smile and say, “well, that’s pretty much how she always saw it happening.”

And because of that, I think when this “protocol” is over, I will just keep eating mostly this same way. I may add some gluten back into my rotation assuming I’m not sensitive to it. I really like couscous and farro is a new food I just found and enjoy. I think I’d still like to have corn on occasion even though there’s no real nutrition in corn (I don’t think) but it tastes good and makes me happy. I think I can live without dairy and sugar. I have started craving the sugar from fruits and I do get to add some in the form of maple syrup and coconut sugar right now. In the future I can add the date syrup if I feel like it. So it’s not like I’m “eating grass” which is how the people who think they are funny like to refer to people who are “vegan.”

I guess I just figure even after less than two weeks I am feeling like a whole new person. If I can keep feeling like this, why would I go back to eating stuff that makes me feel sluggish and moody and foggy? I wouldn’t.

We have a round 2 starting on May 2nd. You are invited to join me if you want, just send me a message. I will be doing a harder workout the next go round and possibly switching the plan a bit to a more intuitive eating plan now that I know what my body wants and needs, but for the most part, it will be the same for four more weeks. And maybe for the rest of my life.

We will see.

My 15 minute alarm went off quite a few minutes ago and it looks like I never got past thing 1, so it’s time to reset it for 90 minutes and try to get some pages written in this book.

Wish me luck.

Hope your day is full of sunshine and positivity!


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  1. Ha! I can relate to not remembering what I wanted to write about. I go as far as listing them down in my idea book, but even then, those keywords or sentences can’t remind me of the exact message I wanted to convey when I had the idea. Sometimes it’s best to just draft a rough piece when inspiration strikes, because revisiting it later just isn’t the same anymore. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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