A COVID Experience

I was so excited last weekend to get to work the local country music festival. Three days of amazing music and people at mostly an arm’s length away. Thirty five thousand people to be exact.

I didn’t really think too much about COVID while I was there except for that one time I took a little break and went behind the tent to snack on a bag of Doritos. I hadn’t had any in soooo long and they were my favorite cool ranch flavor that I absentmindedly licked my fingers….after handling money, and credit cards, and in hindsight, COVID.

My logical brain knew immediately before I even pulled by ranchy finger out of my mouth that I had just made a horrible mistake, but by that time, the damage was done. I was convinced that I was a disgusting mess who just licked 27 credit cards and a thousand dirty dollar bills.

Yes, I do like to take things to the next level.

By Sunday morning, my throat was scratchy. I thought it was from all the yelling over the music so people could hear me. By monday, I was starting to feel a little worn down which I thought was because I had stayed up way past my bedtime for 3 days in a row. By Tuesday, I was feverish and online feverishly looking for the nearest COVID testing location because I knew I was sick. Mostly, because I never get sick and also because when I am sick, I am the biggest baby.

Of course, after my test came back positive I was sure that I would be on a ventilator fighting for my life by today, but what actually happened was that I just continued to drink my 96 ounces of water each day plus a few cups of herbal tea and a few cups of veggie broth on top of my nutrient protein shakes that I drink regularly and voila!

It’s Saturday and I am starting to feel a little more like myself. I only missed one workout from my whole week of workouts. My throat is still a little raw and my head is still a little stuffy, but overall, I’m pretty much feeling ok if not a little tired still. Flea Market Guy was a really great caretaker and I probably could have milked a few more days of being waited on hand and foot if he did not wake up feeling a little “off” yesterday and tested positive today.

I am not as good a caretaker as he is. He checked on me every hour. I’ve been letting him sleep for hours. I went in to make sure he was still breathing, but in my opinion, unbothered rest is the best medicine for healing. I’ve ordered groceries online, which I have never done and will be going to pick them up in a few minutes. I didn’t meal plan or prep. I just willy nilly ordered. I will probably realize that I should have ordered a whole lot more than I actually did, but it will be OK. I imagine his appetite will be gone for a couple days like mine was and there will be lots of broth in our future.

The headache that came with this illness was the thing that made me regret my life choices of last week. It was like tiny little brick layers were living in my head and they were super angry and throwing their tiny little bricks at each other. The absence of that kind of headache today may be what’s making me think I feel better, but FMG has that headache so I am feeling all kinds of sympathy for him. Another weird symptom I have experienced is this crazy phantom pain in my right shoulder blade. It’s like I have been burnt with a stove eye. My skin hurts to touch. But there is nothing there. My skin is fine. Looks normal. Feels normal to the touch, but hurts when it’s touched. I think I’d rather have that though than loss of smell or taste, which has not happened, thank goodness.

As of right now, it looks like I’m going to live through this. The jury is still out on FMG. Now he’s the one convinced he’s dying, so I guess my job is to keep him nursed and alive.

And maybe next time I decide to surround myself with 35,000 people, I will refrain from licking my fingers.

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