My COVID Marathon

I’m on day 8 of my COVID diagnosis. I thought for the most part I was a healthy person. I never get sick, not the flu, rarely a cold, but like I mentioned before, when I do get sick, I’m the biggest baby ever.

My partner, FMG, has come through this illness like a champ, cigarette smoking and all. He didn’t have a cough, he had about 3 days of feeling bad, but for the most part, he’s bounced right back. I have tried. Every day except one, I was able to get up and do my workout. Luckily for me, the program I am doing right now is every other day hardcore, and the opposite days an easier, slower flow movement. I love the flow days, but even after doing the slower movement, I have to go take a nap.

That’s where this thing is getting me. In the form of fatigue. When I wake up early to go watch the sunrise, I feel ok, I get there, walk around a bit, watch the sun come up and by time I get home, it’s nap time and I feel like I need 2 hours sleep to recharge. Then I work out and the same thing happens. Just when I think I’m feeling OK, I head to bed for the night and a coughing fit attacks my lungs.

I have slept most of today away, but I have not taken any medicine today except for some aleve to stop the splitting headache I woke up with.

It’s funny how arrogant we have been about this whole COVID thing. We got vaccinated, both shots and the booster. We stayed away from large crowds for the most part. When we decided to join society again and do something “normal” we went to a Kenny Chesney concert, followed by a local festival. We came out unscathed. Leading us to believe that we either weren’t going to catch COVID or that we had somehow already gotten it and been asymptomatic.

Well, I know now for sure that I am not asymptomatic. Now, I’m scared to leave the house for fear of giving this to someone else. My neighbors have been amazing and have brought us food and drinks. I’ve used the grocery pick up twice, which could be a whole other blog about disappointment and terrible fruit picking skills. When people shop for other people, they just don’t give a shit about what the produce looks like. I got a whole pint of almost rotten strawberries. I picked through what was good and threw the rest away. Very annoying. Same with the apples. It was like they looked for the most bruised apples and said, “nobody else is going to buy them, they should have come in themselves if they wanted a good one.”

Needless to say, I will NEVER use the grocery ordering system again. I didn’t think I was that picky when I went shopping. Now I know that I am. It’s a character flaw that I am ok with.

My appetite has not been great. I’ve been making myself eat at least twice a day, but I could happily only eat once and be done with it for the day and just drink my protein/ nutrient shakes.

I was supposed to go to Florida this weekend to surprise my BFF at our book club meeting, but I ended up changing those plans, too.

So basically COVID has been a thorn in my side, and a pain in my back- I think it’s worth mentioning again that I still have a phantom burning pain on my right shoulder blade like someone has held me against a hot stove. Of all the symptoms that I saw floating around the internet, phantom burns was not one of them.

I guess I could go on forever complaining, but I won’t. I’m healing. I can smell things for the most part. I can taste things for the most part. I don’t have much of a cough for the most part. My fever is gone. My body aches are gone. And if I can ever stop napping, I will be back to almost normal, if I was ever normal to begin with.

I hope you are staying healthy and COVID-free.

Let me know how you are doing in your neck of the woods! I’d love to hear from you.

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