The First Week at a New Job

Nothing will wake you up faster in your life than punching a clock at a job after not having to do it for a while. It’s been a couple years since I’ve HAD to have a regular job. When I first started working out, FMG and I were working together and I felt like I was “asking” him for money every time it came time to order my supplements so I got a part time gig just to pay for my shakes and the other supplements I wanted, but I could have easily not gotten a job and still paid for them. After we sold the house and moved to the beach, we had a nice little cushion of savings under our butts so we didn’t have to worry too much, but we’ve been here for almost 7 months and over time, we have slowly picked and poked our way through most of our savings, which was not hard to do considering the amount of our bills tripled when we moved here but our income did not. Such is the sacrifice of living in a beach town, I guess.

We agreed when our savings hit a certain number, I would get a regular job. Turned out, the contract work we were successfully doing in Knoxville was not as abundant here in Myrtle Beach. We were traveling much further to make a whole lot less. We couldn’t really make it make sense or cents to us, so FMG decided that he would get a full time job and use his two days off for contract work. Enter my part of the bargain. Our savings hit that dreaded number we had talked about and I had to live up to my end of the deal and get a job. The resort that FMG ended up getting a job at was hiring for a front desk customer service person and he put my name in the bucket. They said they’d take a look at my resume and whatdya know? Turned out I was qualified. Probably overqualified in their opinion, but also not much for commitment so they were aware up front that they were taking a risk in hiring me. But, I’m always up front about my fear of commitment to “jobs.”

All my life I’ve felt like I was meant to do “more.” I never really knew what “more” was and I don’t know if I have it exactly figured out just yet, but I do have parts of it figured out. I do know that I love helping people. I know that I am good at it. I know that I love beachbody and all the tools it offers and I know that I want to make a living out of helping other people use those tools to be successful in their own journey. That I know for sure. Other things I have found are that I think I want to do commercials or some kind of middle aged modeling. I think it would be fund and maybe I would be good at it.

I also know that I want to travel. More than anything else in the world, I want to be able to afford to travel far and wide within the next 4 years. I also know that the job that was offered to me, the job I accepted is not conducive to travel or helping people change their lives. It’s merely a mandatory purgatory until I figure out how to make what I want to do with my life work. That’s the hard part. How to make it work.

But I’m working on it every day. And while I’m only on day 2 of 365 in this new job of mine, I don’t hate it. It could definitely be worse. And it could definitely be harder. And it could definitely be far from a beach. Instead, it’s full of pretty nice people, it’s not hard work, just tedious, and it’s ON the beach, so I’m keeping my complaints at a minimum and my gratitude on high.

We will see what this next chapter has in store.

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