Be Compassionate…with yourself

Compassion. It’s a topic that has come up a lot recently in conversation with my friend. I try my best to be a compassionate and caring person. I want to be empathetic. I want to help people. And I know I’m not alone in that. But there comes a time in your life when you […]

It’s My Birthday

I’m 42 today. It’s funny because I still feel like I’m in my 20’s. Maybe because I act like a child at times and I still don’t have my shit together. Actually, I know twenty year olds who have their shit more together than I do. I gave birth to two of them. So I […]

I Won’t Do That

What a Tuesday!!  I told Mister that I couldn’t see him anymore. Despite the fact that his wife cheated on him and they are technically separated-ish, I’m not trying to be a mistress. And it’s crazy because I didn’t even really know that about myself. I mean, I never have tried sneaking around with a […]