Saturday’s Deep Thoughts

After I posted the blog about my perpetual happiness a lot of my friends commented that they had never seen me cry. Not just new friends either. Friends who have known me for ten plus years. I know that I have cried buckets over the last ten years, but crying, like everything else is an out […]

I Smell Like Roses Again

I had an uneventful eventful day yesterday. I went to work, did more painting in the room that will eventually be my office if the walls stop drinking the paint, and came home. About an hour after I got home, my boss(es) came by and gave me a car. Not a matchbox car. A real […]

Manifesting a Five O’Clock Man

I’d be lying if I said this was going to be my last lovey dovey post. I’m not sure which is worse me being in love or me not being in love. It seems this blog’s running theme has turned into being about relationships but I guess that’s what makes the world turn. Relationships with […]