Where is God?

I love reading and I have pretty versatile reading habits. If it has words, I’ll give it a shot. I’m a little pickier when it comes to books that I actually purchase and keep forever, but if I’m checking something out at the library or reading something online, I’m not very picky. I do like […]

I’m Unorganized

In a feeble attempt to get my life in order, I am working on a way to get everything I need in my daily life into one compact little notebook. I know it’s going to be trial and error. And I am forgiving myself in advance for screwing up, which is great after today. I […]

No Diving in the Shallow End

Every time I start dating again, I start re-evaluating all my past relationships. There are so many I’d like to tell you about but there are too many for one blog. Every relationship was a lesson in it’s own right. None of them ended up the way I thought, because at the start of all […]