The Anthem & a Free T-Shirt*

I had been talking to this guy recently. I have “Facebook” known him for a while but just met him in person very recently. We had talked through text a time or two and we were definitely under no false pretenses that whatever was going to happen between us was anything more than getting a little “personal” with each other. He’s a musician. Not necessarily a local one, but he was here at the moment. He had invited me to his place more than once over the course of a few days and I kept having to blow him off. Not because I didn’t want to see him, but because I already had plans before he came out of the woodwork and because I hadn’t really made up my mind if I wanted to see him. So the day after my drunken gay bar night of partying, we were texting and he invited me over. I had been without physical touch for about a week. I know that doesn’t seem like a long time to most, but I like to have some form of affection at least once a week. Honestly, I’d like to have it for an hour a day. Not sex, just cuddling or touching or holding hands. Plus,  I had been mostly on my best behavior for the last month or longer. Mostly.  Anyway, I went to his place. I had been driving around in the unseasonably hot weather all morning with no air conditioning, so, needless to say, I was sweaty from head to toe and all parts in the middle. I’m also fairly certain I was sweating vodka.  He invited me to sit down next to him and I tried to refuse because I was standing in front of the a/c cooling down and I felt sticky and gross, but he said he didn’t care so I plopped myself down next to him. We sat talking for a bit and he had his arm around me. It was pretty much glued to me because of my overheated body, but if he didn’t mind, I didn’t mind. Well, I kind of did, but I quickly got over it because he’s a great kisser and he went straight in for the kill.

The first time I ever saw him out and about, before we were Facebook friends and before we exchanged numbers, I saw him perform his “anthem” song. You know those songs that pretty much define who you are as an artist? Well, I heard him do his and it had pretty much been in my head ever since. It’s so catchy and  I wanted to hear it again. When I asked him if he would play it for me, he said we’d have to go in the other room. The one with the bed. So convenient. He went to the little studio set up he had in there and I made  my hot, sweaty self comfortable on his bed. At this point, I wasn’t even thinking any sexual thoughts. I genuinely wanted to hear this fun song of his. He played it and laid in the bed next to me. Before I know it, he’s kissing me and attempting to take off my shirt. I was only worried about my stench at that point. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do anything with him. It was more that I felt like I needed a shower first because I like to feel clean. I’m not so much a fan of grunge sex. So I told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea because I feel nasty and stinky. He says, “You don’t stink.” So I’m thinking Ok! He can have my shirt but that’s where I draw the line. After a little more petting, he attempted to remove my panties and skirt. Yes,  I was wearing a skirt. It was hot and they are supposed to be cool.  Anyway, I firmly told him no because I had literally been sweating for at least an hour in the heat, but apparently I smelled like a fruit basket, because he took everything off and dove in to my cornucopia  and ate all my fruit until the anthem that had been playing on repeat was burned into my head while my fingers were intertwined in his hair and he gave me one of the best big O’s I’ve ever had. Ever. After that, my competitive side kicked in and of course I felt the desire to return the oral favor because I wanted him to know he had met his match. When we  finished the round one, I told him he should write a book for men who were not as talented because it was quite selfish of him to keep all those magic moves to himself. We may have even high fived at some point and then had a round two.

I stuck around for a little while afterwards  and we talked and laughed and changed the song, but didn’t want to linger so I decided to cut out and head home. When I was getting up to leave, I noticed a pile of his “artist” t-shirts with his name on the front and I asked if I could have a parting gift because, honestly,  I’ve never had my world rocked and then gotten a free t-shirt! And I love t-shirts. Seriously, though,  who wouldn’t want a wearable reminder of the magic? Of course he said yes and now I have the lovemaking anthem stuck in my head and a t-shirt to remind me of why I will definitely be needing to see him again.

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