Thank You, Levi’s 

This is just a short little snippet of appreciation that I don’t think is given enough to a company who makes magical things….. Happy Wednesday.


Why is it that everybody’s butt looks good in Levi’s? Is it just me or is that a real thing? I am pretty certain (like 94%ish) that their jeans are made with a little bit of cotton and a little bit of magic. Add to the pocket a permanent wallet imprint and a pair of boots  (cowboy, steel toe, whatever) and I’m done for. I don’t know if it is the same way for guys looking at girl’s butts in Levi’s jeans or if the magic only happens on the other side of the fence, but I don’t care really, because as it turns out, I am on the side with the view.

It’s funny, the one and only thing I really miss about my job is the guy who wore the ass fitting Levi’s every once in a while. I often times called them “dick jeans” because they made the front look just as scrumptious as the back. As if that’s something I should be thinking about at work, and yet, even as I sit here without a job, I’m still thinking about him in his jeans. Lucky for me, I get to see him outside of work so I’ll probably get a glance every once and a while of those magical pants.

So thank you Levi’s for making a pair of jeans that make the world a little brighter and tighter.

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