The Big Break

I guess it’s safe to say I took a break from writing. Whenever I’m mentally in a weird place, I pull away from the keyboard in an effort to not add anymore negativity in the world. But a lot has happened since I left. I’m still seeing Flea Market Guy most days. We have an […]

Not So Frozen Falls

I went on a frozen adventure today. My friend Faith called and said she needed to get out of the house and she wanted to know if I wanted to go find Bald River Falls. They were (according to her) completely frozen. She had seen a picture of someone standing on them last week and […]

The Big Give Up

I met a lady today who had a baby when she was almost 40. She also has a 15-year-old. She was almost done and ended up “accidentally” starting over. She was very candid about the fact that she did not want a baby. She cried for months when she found out she was pregnant. And […]

Thank You, Levi’s 

This is just a short little snippet of appreciation that I don’t think is given enough to a company who makes magical things….. Happy Wednesday.   Why is it that everybody’s butt looks good in Levi’s? Is it just me or is that a real thing? I am pretty certain (like 94%ish) that their jeans […]

Until Tomorrow…

The world can be so full of surprises. It can also be full of the mundane. Wake up, go to work, take lunch, go back to work, go home, make dinner, do dishes (for those that do that right after dinner, I don’t), maybe watch a show, go to bed, wake up do it all […]