I Hope One Day…

I hope one day, I can be the calm to your storm. I hope one day I can be the pillow that cradles your exhausted mind and the peace that calms your tired soul. I hope one day, when you smell the lavender winds blowing from the East, you think of our long drives with the sunroof open and the windows down. I hope one day, you will smile with the ridiculous memories of singing songs we didn’t know the words to. I hope one day I make you feel a little better than you did yesterday. I hope one day my love for you helps you grow into something you never knew you wanted for yourself. I hope one day, whether together or apart, you think of me with the fondness of a childhood memory. I hope one day when you look at your hands, you remember not only how hard they worked and how much they have been through, but also how perfectly my fingers fit between yours. I hope one day when you take a drink of your coffee, it makes you think of the warmth of my kiss. I hope one day in the stillness of a moment, you remember the ease of our silences together. More than anything, though,  I hope one day you will be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that there was one person in your life who loved you and you never had to question it.



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