Return to Pandora***

It’s been a rainy couple of days in the panhandle. I’ve met a few men, online and in person, but only one worth mentioning (twice). So I saw my sexual soulmate again last night. Have you ever met anyone who just had a great face and eyes like tequila (they make your clothes fall off)? That’s this guy. And he’s smart, funny. He can hold a conversation that doesn’t start off with “nice tits.” He’s sexy. And hairy, which is not usually my thing, but it’s kind of my thing with him. I just like rubbing him. And other stuff which I shall not go into. Unless you want me to….. just kidding. I know it’s a house divided there. And did I mention his face? He’s super handsome. Anyway, we got together last night and had a couple drinks, watched part of a movie and then got down to doing what we both seem to be really good at. Unlike the last time, it wasn’t an all night thing as he had to go to work today. Last time I saw him, he was off the next day and we were literally up all night.  I’m also pretty sure he does some sort of voodoo witch craft, because all I want to do is touch him and lick him and do what some may consider to be dirty, dirty things to him. I just consider them loving gestures.  I basically want to loving gesture him all over…..all the time. I reiterate, I can totally see why he has girls going crazy. I’m ten years older than him. I consider myself “experienced.” And, let’s just say, I’m saving the details for my next erotica novel, but he’s amazing.

In hindsight, it could just be that I’ve serial dated selfish pricks over the last three years when I’ve attempted dating at all. Maybe there are all kinds of giving lovers out there that I don’t know about? Maybe I should do a poll. But who would I ask? I think sex is subjective. Like fashion. What I think is a good lover may be the next girl’s boring. And all men think they are great lovers. You never hear a dude tell you, “hey, let’s have sex. It’ll be really good for me, but mediocre at best for you. Just being honest, but I’ll bring pizza to make up for it.” That never happens. I think the problem in sexual relationships is that people don’t really want to talk about sex. They just want to do it. I want to make sure my guy knows what I like, what I don’t like, and I want to make sure I know those things about him, too. Especially if it may only be a one or two time thing. I mean, if you are together and married, you can always have that conversation to make things better, but if you are just single and fucking around, don’t you want to just lay all the cards out on the table so everybody is happy when they part ways in the morning? I do. Maybe I’m weird. I kind of think it makes me pretty awesome though. I’ll ask team Chris what he thinks about it.  only have four more days here and then I’m heading home, I’m hoping to see him at least one more time for one more Bell Biv Devoe-ing. That means one more “smack it up, flip it, rub it down….oh nooooo.” Just in case you couldn’t put two and two together on that.

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