A Tangent and an Addiction….. not in that order

I totally realized today that I do, in fact, have an addiction. For most of my adult life, when people talk about things they are addicted to…. coffee, wine, chocolate, exercise, etc. I am always stumped. I never can think of anything. I know, some of you smart asses are probably saying, “what about sex?” But truth be told, I’m not addicted to that. I just like it. In fact, I’ve only had sex with Night owl since I met him. Weird? Sure. Am I ok with it? Yes. It’s not because the opportunity hasn’t arisen. It has. Even today. It’s mostly because I must hate everybody at this point in time and I only want to be around people who make me happy and can carry on a conversation and the pickins are slim if we are being honest. I will get back to my addiction in a second, but do you know what happened to me today? A guy who has been trying to talk to me for months finally ended up in front of me today by accident. And literally, the first words that came out of his mouth was an invite to his apartment so he could “show me a few things.” And he’s young and confident (or cocky). Me attracting younger guys lately is also probably worthy of its own blog, so I won’t touch on it here. I will just say that little young cocky dude, got his feelings hurt. I don’t really know why guys think they can put in minimum effort and get maximum result (also another blog for this week). And after I hurt his feelings by telling him that even if I did go to bed with him, I already knew it would be disappointing because he’s boring to talk to, so sex would be boring, he still wanted to know what he could do to make me change my mind. Even when I was a dick and said, “you could pay my rent,” and he agreed, I had to back pedal and tell him that I was just playing that there really was nothing in this universe that would allow me to fuck him because he was zero interesting to me, not even him paying my rent. Obviously, I didn’t say it like that. I tried to be as tactful as possible, but I was straight to the point in the ten minutes that we stood there talking about why he would never, ever be man enough to get me in bed. I was kind of shocked by the whole situation, but I don’t really know why because it’s pretty typical, but I digress….. My addiction….. I realized today, that I have an addiction to anything related to earning points….. even if those points don’t get me shit. I’ve been Snapchatting…. or snapping…. whatever it’s called. And for every picture you send or post or something, your “rating” goes up… which basically means you get points. You can’t do anything with the points, but you get them. As it turns out, I’ve always been a sucker for points. At the grocery store, at my favorite restaurant, at the gas pump…. literally, anyting that will allow me to earn points… I don’t know why I am like that. I guess I have this hidden competitive nature. I never played sports in school because I was too busy getting knocked up, so maybe I missed out on something there, because I am quick to accept a challenge. Don’t confuse that with gambling, because I don’t typically gamble or bet, but I will play a game of pool, or bowling, or dominoes, or cards and talk mad shit even if I’m not winning. I just like the competitive aspect of it. The points thing is its own competitive thing, because I just want to be up there with the people who have the highest points. And I have a damn long way to go on SnapChat because I’m only at about 500 points which, to me, is the same as zero points, because I have “friends” on there with 50,000 points which is where I now feel like I need to be. It’s really a stupid, juvenile, little addiction, but I’m taking it very seriously. Not like rehab serious, but more like, trying to get as many points as I can, serious. So basically my snapchat name is  rouletteweekend…. same as the blog. If you have this magical little app with the silly little filters, you should add me to your friends list. And if you don’t have it, maybe spare yourself, or maybe live a little and get it. It’s fun, and time consuming a bit, and partially addicting, but totally worth every minute of time wasted. Or at least I think so. Just do it, what else do you have going on this Tuesday?


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