Inaccurate Poll Results

So I did the BJ poll yesterday. Unfortunately, the poll results are not accurate. They may represent the majority, but for some reason, I think it didn’t take any results after the first twenty people. So I need to research different polling options. Plus maybe add a few more questions. So if you know of any other polling sites that are user friendly and can have unlimited participants, drop it in the comments either here or on the Facebook link.  From the current opinion poll, it looks like porn sex wins. I have so many thoughts about  this, but with it being Sunday, I do have some morals. So I will not go into depth about my beliefs on this poll, especially since I am going to make a second attempt at it. I will say, that I will stand by my word to the person I made the bet with and for this go round, I concede that YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT…. for now….  Happy Sunday, Y’all. Pray for me.


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