If you read this blog regularly, you’ve no doubt come across some of my actions that were questionable or downright stupid.  Well, I guess I’ve done it again. I’m currently writing this blog from a really nice hotel room in Ohio. By time you start reading it, I will likely be on my way back home to Knoxville. Remember soulmate conversation truck driver from yesterday? Yeah, I met him. And we were having such a good time talking, that when he said, “you should just come with me and I’ll drop you off on the way back through.” I simply said, “yes.”

You can save your “you’re going to get yourself killed” speech. I’m good. I only date local murderers. Not over the road murderers. Plus, he’s really nice. And it was like we had known each other forever. Which is really weird. I mean, I am known for getting along with people and never meeting a stranger, but this one was different. Hopefully I don’t say that all the time. Anyway, he is pretty amazing.

I left my car parked at the truck stop in Knoxville that I met him at. He was coming from Atlanta and heading to Columbus. Didn’t seem like a terrible idea. He had a laptop with him so I was still able to work. He was very considerate when I ignored him for a few hours. He had his own work to do anyways. I’m currently writing and I think he’s down at the bar watching a football game. Or at least I’m assuming he is because football is kind of his thing. Maybe it’s all sports. Not sure. I mean I did just meet the guy, but I will find out.

He had to buy me clothes because I literally only had the clothes on my back. He probably thought I was crazy when I offered to wear a pair of his underwear, but he picked up a random stranger and put her in his truck, so maybe he’s crazy too.

But not like murdery crazy. Just crazy like me in a completely harmless way….so far.

I’ve been yelled at by two friends. I didn’t even answer the phone for my daughter today because I didn’t want to make it three. I will admit, I do stupid stuff and the world is not safe, but I also admit that sometimes you gotta just do what feels right at the time.

So despite the whole world thinking that I am crazy which is really nothing new, I’ve had a really good day and I’m pretty sure I will be alive tomorrow to tell how it all ended.

P.S. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


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