New Year’s Non-Resolutions

Christmas came and went uneventfully. Thank God. I spent time with family and had a really nice time. And there wasn’t bacon on anything which is really how I gauge successful family dinners nowadays.  Saw all my kids. Felt good about the people they are heading into the new year as and with. So now, I guess I get to think about the new year. And start that resolution list.

I usually skip right over that part because I feel like resolutions are a pretty sure fire way to send yourself into a spiral depression. Especially when you have a mile long list of mostly unattainable goals. Then you give yourself the evil eye in the mirror when you get finished eating that chocolate cupcake on January 5th because you started your period and said fuck the new year’s diet. So I’ve tried to shy away from resolutions the last few years. Maybe I secretly make one or two, but I don’t beat myself up if I technically fail.

This year my silent resolution which I guess is not so silent now is to blog every single day, even Saturday and Sunday. I slacked this week because my head has been firmly planted in the clouds, but I think it’s back down here now.

After writing the blogs about my new possible boyfriend (aka Off the Record Trucker), my daughter said that I should start a series of blogs that flashback to all the other stupid shit I’ve done in my life- not including jumping into a truck with a stranger because we just covered that one. But all the other stupid things, because as she recalls, there’s been a lot.

I’ve wandered around my whole life with people telling me I have a guardian angel on my shoulder because shit just always works out for me. Maybe it’s true. Or maybe I just exude so much positivity even the devil smiles when I’m up to my shenanigans and decides to step back and just enjoy the show. It’s really anybody’s guess.

So my tentative plan is to do a flashback Friday series of random crazy stuff from my past that I remember. That will be the hard part because I don’t remember a lot of stuff from my past. It just comes to me in gusts like the wind in a storm. So I have to hear a song or smell a smell or have some sort of reminder from someone. But I do have a couple of notebooks in my basement that my friend Jonelle and I used to write back and forth to each other. I will probably start there. That should get me through at least March. High school was full of stupid stuff.

In other news, I also bought a workout DVD today. I know, I know, DVDs are so 2001. But it was Jillian Michaels and it was only $2.50. Hopefully, I will muster up the energy to take it out of the cellophane. At the current moment, it is sitting in the back seat of my car with my yoga mat and my good intentions. I’ll fetch it later. After all, working out is not one of my resolutions. I just want to do it because I’m feeling the itch, but now that it is a new year, the gym is going to be packed for the next month or two so I figured I’d just do something at home early in the morning. Plus, Mel can’t really go to the gym right now to practice with his broken wrist and whatnot so I’m just trying to make do with what I have. And what I have is a double chin and a need for some sit-ups.

So I’m gonna make that happen and maybe a few other things. Non-resolutions.


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