Dry Falls and Ziplining in NC

Alejandro and I went had quite an amazing day. We went zip lining at Highlands Aerial Park.  I wasn’t 100% sure about it at first, but he really wanted to do it and I didn’t want to be a killjoy by saying I am terrified of heights. And they start you off on the “smaller” ziplines. I’m not sure how far off the ground they are, maybe 85 feet or so. You do four of those and then you can opt to finish the course which is four more. When we got to the first one, I was immediately terrified. They had given us instructions and I was second to last. Alejandro went behind me. I followed the instructions and sat back, held on, and zip across the first one. When I landed, my legs were shaking so bad, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stand for much longer. But I didn’t have to because the second one was immediately behind it…well, in front of me. The guides were super fun and encouraging. Even though I was terrified they just kept making it seem like I could do what I thought was impossible. It was like they were zip line life coaches. I went down the second zip line and landed it. Not perfectly, but pretty good. Each new line they would give us a little piece of new information or a new tip on how to stay straight or lean back with no hands while just dangling from a tree. By the third one, my legs weren’t shaking anymore and I was really enjoying myself. By the fourth one, I was ready to conquer the world. So was Alejandro. He wanted to finish the canopy tour, which had four more zip lines. One of which was about 215 feet in the air and the line was over 1500 feet long (I think that’s what he said). Not that I didn’t want to finish the course, but it was already like $80 a person. To finish, it was $40 more. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about money because it was an amazing experience, but I just can’t help it. Plus, I’m in the middle of looking for a job and borderline broke and even if I can’t contribute much, I like to be able to pitch in some, but by time I paid for Mel’s Basketball camp and then took him there (and still have to go back and get him tomorrow), I just didn’t really have it. I know Alejandro wasn’t expecting me to pay for anything, but I always think it’s a nice gesture to be able to when I can. Nevertheless, we moved onto the big zip. And by the time we got to the fifth one, it was not as horrifying as the first one. We went about 45 mph over the trees. It was exhilarating. The one after that was a little shorter (distance and height), but we still went super fast. By the time we got to the second set, I was feeling really confident about my zip lining skills. So confident, in fact, I would do it again…in every zip line park in America.

(As a side note, ladies, if you think men in sweatpants is sexy, just wait til you see your man in harness).

After we left the zip park, we went and ate pizza, which is pretty much my favorite meal. And then we headed to Dry Falls, which were anything but dry. I think they were bigger than usual from all the rain we’ve had over the last week. I’m sure North Carolina got the same seven days of rain that Knoxville got so that fall was overflowing. It was awesome. They had a little trail where you could walk behind the falls and you can feel the mist coming off it. And the whole trail is paved. It’s not like the natural dirt trails we have in Tennessee. This trail had stairs and concrete and the fall risk was minimal.

Overall today was a success. Alejandro is currently napping at 7:45 pm. He will probably be up all night. I won’t (or maybe I will).

Either way, for the last two days I have been really happy that I stalker ninja’d over to his car last week in Charleston. If I never met him, I wouldn’t be here today and I may never have tried a zip line.

This is why I believe you have to take chances sometimes. Sure, they backfire a lot, but those few magical times in between where things are just perfect are worth all those backfires.

This guy is amazing. We talk like old friends. There’s no trying to impress each other. It’s just comfortable. Even when there’s silence, it’s not uncomfortable silence that needs to be filled. It’s just a peaceful, enjoying the moment kind of silence. I mean, it is for me. I don’t know what he’s thinking about. Could be his ex-girlfriend. Could be ways to throw me off a mountain and say I “slipped.” Either way, this trip has been fantastical, kind of surreal, and totally worth making somewhat of an ass out of myself a week ago.

And I don’t think we are sick of each other or bored with each other just yet, so maybe he will stick around for a while.

Until tomorrow.

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