Up On a Mountain

I didn’t post a blog yesterday. I was running around like a crazy person. First, I had to take Mel to meet his team at the High School. We were supposed to be driving to Virginia so I could drop him off at camp. It was going to be an hour and forty minute drive. Not too bad. And then I was going to drop him off and go to North Carolina to meet Alejandro for a few days. He rented a cabin/ room above a cabin on top of a mountain. We get to the school and not only did we not know he was staying in a dorm and needed bed linens and a towel. I tried not to get too irritated. I mean, I had only asked for specifics twice so I guess it’s probably not reasonable to think that I would have known what was going on (yes, that is loads of sarcasm and eye rolls). On top of not knowing Mel needed all that stuff and having to drive home to go get it, before we left, I also found out that we weren’t going to Virginia at all. I had to drive him to Georgetown, Kentucky. Three hours away from Knoxville. Five hours away from my North Carolina destination. Needless to say, I drove for eight hours yesterday. My car didn’t know what the fuck was going on. I don’t think I’ve ever had her on the road for an eight-hour stretch at one time. On a brighter note, it was a fucking gorgeous day for driving all over God’s green earth.

I had the windows down and the sunroof open the whole way. I got a pretty even tan from driving literally from Knoxville to Kentucky and then I had to turn around and come back the same exact way through Knoxville to get to North Carolina. When I thought I was going to Virginia, it was only going to be a 3-hour drive and it was on a stretch of interstate I’ve never been on. But I’m done complaining about it, because it was totally worth the trip. My mind was so clear. Well, eventually, at first all I could think about was how much my neighbors probably hate me. We’ve had about ten days of rain. I think it has literally rained every day since I mowed the grass (ten days ago). Needless to say, the grass needs to be mowed again and I couldn’t give two fucks about it. I was going to mow on Sunday since we were leaving on Monday, but it rained Sunday too. And not just a little. There was a torrential downpour. The kind of rain we liked to play in when we were kids or wash the car in. So I took a nap instead.

Monday through Thursday promises to be bright, sunny and dry. I won’t be there to mow. So the grass will likely be up to my knees when I get home and I won’t even be able to enlist the help of Mel to get it mowed because he’s living the dream. When he gets back from basketball camp he is leaving again to go back to the beach. And all my neighbors’ lawns will be perfectly manicured. My yard will be where all the mosquitos are partying. So I guess my weekend plans will include picking up wet, squishy dog poop and mowing the grass, probably twice. Once to get it to a manageable length and again to cut it properly.

But for now, I’m on a love retreat with Alejandro from South Carolina. He rented us an efficiency type place above this lady’s house way out in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. Scaly Mountain to be exact. The closest restaurant is 15 minutes from us and there was a love note in the room that said “Bears in the area. Do not leave food in your car.” So Alejandro is freaked out and thinks he’s going to be eaten by a bear while he’s outside smoking. I don’t want him to be eaten by a bear, but I really want to see a bear. He may think I’m crazy at this point.

Also, this Airbnb is run by one of my soul sisters. This apartment has a huge bookshelf with books on it from cooking, to wine, to cleansing to travel to poetry to “soulful sex.” It’s quite impressive. I want to take a picture of it so I can replicate it exactly when I get home. She also has crystals in the room and lots of musical instruments from various countries.

And she served us breakfast. A chocolate croissant. She is a definitely the hostess with the mostest. Alejandro couldn’t have picked a better place.

On the Alejandro front, he’s still just as interesting and charming as the night I met him. And so good looking. We went to dinner last night. We didn’t get in until 6ish so the pickins were slim for extracurricular activities. So we had to resort to strip “what the f*ck” and truth or dare Jenga. “What the F*ck” is a drinking game, but neither one of us are really drinkers so we traded in shots for articles of clothing. He only had on shorts and shirt so it wasn’t very long before we were both just naked playing truth or dare Jenga.

But you have to find entertainment where you can. Right?

Today there will either be waterfalls or ziplining. Or both.

Happy Tuesday!

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